Stupid! Soooo Stuuuupid. :(

Heyas Fraggles.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was bragging about my cleverness and my freshly installed Namib GNU/Linux 18.08?


But then. Oioioioiiii. Me installing the Nvidia driver, so I can play in SL with all the eyecandy. And failing! 😮


Must’ve done something wrong …


And tried it again …


… to fail more …


Ok, next try:


… with even more catastrophic results! 😮


Tried it over and over again …


… since I’m that special kind of stupid who thinks by repeating a stupid action over and over again the outcame will eventually be better.


Of course it didn’t become better at all. Nvidia and all its dependencies installed just great, no problemos. So me reboots the computer for using the fancy new driver in my SL viewer install and … fukn machine won’t get its ass up!


😮 Yeah, now my special stupidity setting in and I reinstall Namib, fail again, reinstall …


… and fail again …


… and again … and again and again and …


That’s how I spent all of yesterday afternoon and all of today’s morning, and am still on it.


Fuuuuk! 😦


Well, I know what y’all are thinking right now:


I will admit the whole thing’s a teensy tiny bit awkward …


… but ain’t I adorable in my struggles?




But look at what I’ve achieved:

Coocoo! 🙂 It’s me, your old, friend the extreme minty Linux.

Yeah, it’s the good old LMDE3, my emergency system. Do you see now why I always stress the importance of having a super well-behaved operating system handy for times of emergency? And Linux Mint Debian Edition is perfect for cases such as mine; it’s not just super fancy but also super easy and fast to install … and nearly unbreakable once its on your system.


So I’m not that stupid afterall. But I guess I need a big fat …




    • I tried it both ways, Fred. In terminal with …

      [orca@MiniMax ~]$ sudo pacman -S nvidia
      [sudo] Passwort für orca:
      Löse Abhängigkeiten auf…
      Suche nach in Konflikt stehenden Paketen…
      Warnung: Abhängigkeits-Zyklus entdeckt:
      Warnung: eglexternalplatform wird vor seiner Abhängigkeit nvidia-utils installiert werden

      Pakete (4) egl-wayland-1.0.5-1 eglexternalplatform-1.0+2+ge3b182e-1
      nvidia-utils-396.51-1 nvidia-396.51-1

      Gesamtgröße des Downloads: 33,50 MiB
      Gesamtgröße der installierten Pakete: 128,83 MiB

      :: Installation fortsetzen? [J/n] ^C
      Interrupt signal received

      [orca@MiniMax ~]$

      This is what I usually do. But i tried it also with pamac. I did both a couple of times and every time everything seemed to be okay. Only when I tried to reboot the system it got hung up during startup and failed to go any further. So today I installed and set up Namib 3 or 4 times. :/
      Still don’t have the Nvidia driver installed. 😦


        • It’s an Asus GTX770, and never gave me any problems before. It’s only since I “upgraded” from 18.02 to 18.08 that whenever I install the drivers, it fux up. 😦


            • I don’t understand, Fred.What do you mean with base Linux kernel? I use the one that you deliver with Namib, 4.17.14.arch1-1. And what is nvidia-dkms, never heard about that. And in Namib 18.02 everything was still alright with the standard Nvidia drivers …
              So I’ll try dkms now … knock on wood. :/


              • Base Linux kernel is other kernel like lts,zen etc. The nvidia package is precompiled for Linux kernel and doesn’t work with other kernel like lts. The nvidia-dkms is compiled for every kernel you have installed.

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    • It does doesn’t it? Wondrous system, really. But I have this strange fetish with Arch-based Linuxes, and I know everything works fine … usually. Running Namib really made me happy. It was a better experience than Manjaro could ever offer me.
      Now going back to Mint would feel like a defeat. 😦


        • Yes, it is. 3 days of slow paced driving and you’re in Namibia. And it’s glorious up there, we felt like the first humans on the moon there. Will go again as soon as our van is roadworthy, registered and camperized. =^.^=
          And frederic2ec, although Franco-Canadian, has a thing for meerkats (as every clear thinking person on the planet should have), that’s why he called his distro Namib GNU/Linux.
          As far as I understand your blog you’re also dwelling in Saffa?


            • We’ve been to Namibia in 99, and I loved it. Hubby not so much but, well, Namibia is an acquired taste and not for everybody. When you love the absence of landscape in a landscape then Namibia is definately for you. 😉

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                • Isn’t that Land of Enchantment also the place you liked to nuke, back in the 40s? I mean apart from being a place of practical science in camping mobiles.

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                  • Once. The first nuclear weapon detonation occurred outside Alamagordo, New Mexico, the ‘Trinity’ shot. That was also the last nuclear detonation in New Mexico. We set our H-bombs off in the South Pacific or underground in Nevada, and most of the other bombs in Nevada, too. I live not too far from the only nuclear test site in the Deep South, near Maxie, Mississippi. Two small nuclear weapons went off inside underground salt domes and broke glass and chimneys all around them,

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            • Is Makulu still an active Distro?
              And Ubuntu is by all means and reality an English distro, with Canonical’s headquarters based in London. Shuttleworth is Safrican these days not more than Elon Musk is.
              And Impi? Never heard of that one. Did your grannny make her own distro and hosts it from her kitchen? LOL!


                • Well, Ubuntu surely is still very much active, raking in millions. Dunno why but it seems to be cool with commercial enterprises for some or the other reason. It’s slowly falling from grace with the home users, probably because of the inoperable Gnome3 desktop. Makes me go like brrr, shiver 😦

                  And I just checked Makulu, crouching along on #162 in the Distrowatch charts. Hmm, Debian/Ubuntu based Cinnamon desktop, maybe I should review it sometimes for the blog.


                    • Mint in enterprise? But they aren’t a commercial entity and offering no professional support, no troubleshooting. That’s what Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical/Ubuntu making their money with and what the client companies want.
                      But yes, of course has Mint a wide user base, they used to be on the #1 spot for years and were only recently pushed off the throne by a highly unlikely candidate, Manjaro. Not even the release of Mint 19 brought them back to numero uno. Phil and the Manjaro team are obviously on a roll right now.


                    • Mint is widely used by enterprise, this has been reported and discussed in the media ad nauseum. You confuse usage with development. Unlike RHEL, SuSe, etc., Mint is only used and not developed by enterprise.

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                    • At the moment, Manjaro rates highest, then Mint, then Ubuntu.

                      The mistake that Linux geeks make when promoting a specific distro, is to base their loyalty according to their own personal preferences.

                      I look at things differently. I was pecked by PCLinuxOS and banned for some time just because I used the African term ‘ubuntu” in a sentence.

                      Ubuntu Forums was unfriendly and there are guru’s lurking in the dark, lashing out at newbies trying to find their feet. It is this kind of attitude that discourages the use of Linux, a main reason why the take-up is slow. Mint Forum is a pleasant place to be at, someone even made and sent me, for FREE, a Mint DVD prior to the days of broadband in rural SA, where I then lived.

                      One really has to factor in ease of use for non-IT people who cannot lurk under the hood all day, to make things work, simply because they don’t want to or simply lack skill & acumen. If we want a migration from Windows, then we need to present users with a mature, polished OS. Not like even Mint Xfce that goes blank when losing its .ICE file, or MATE that tells you that your own data on your own flashdrive is inaccessible because you don’t have ownership. Imagine a non-IT user with little skill fix that.

                      Linux developers need to think like retailers and stock what the public needs and not what looks nice to themselves.


                    • “Mint is only used and not developed by enterprise.”
                      Yes, and I never claimed it’s about development by enterprise but the normal user would be enterprises, and they expect professional help, schooling, tutoring, updating, all that shit their own employees can’t/won’t care about. If I had a medium sized enterprise, say 20 to 120 employees, I would never put their needs in the hands of Clem and team. When my accountant runs into some problem during the end-of-month-account, she must find quick help. As much as I love Linux Mint I don’t think the Minties can stem professional service.


                    • The best support from any distro, in my own personal experience, came from Mint Forums. And even Clem reached out to me personally. No other distro came close in support. Support is where Mint makes their money from enterprise.

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                    • “Clem reached out to me personally. No other distro came close in support.”
                      I had contact and was helped by PhilM/Manjaro Linux, frederic2ec/Namib GNU/Linux, that guy of Architect Arch Installer, and Jodie of Solus Projec. It’s pretty normal in the Linuxverse that devs are mingling with the community.

                      “Support is where Mint makes their money from enterprise.”
                      Aha. Good to know. So what is their company’s name and address please, so I can contact their marketing dept for a support contract? Far as I know Mint, it is only supported by donations, sponsorships and sales of Mint Boxes, and their little store:

                      You’ll never see any e-begging on the sites of Canonical. RHEL or SUSE.


                    • “The mistake that Linux geeks make when promoting a specific distro, is to base their loyalty according to their own personal preferences.”

                      Why is that a mistake? I would feel like a fukn hippocrit if I’d promote some – in my eyes – nonsense distros. I state quite freely that I rather see people using Windows/Mac than i.e. Elementary Linux or similar useless shite.


                    • It is a mistake to send a Mac or Windows user to something that won’t serve them well. This is the exact reason why Linux only has 2.2% market share. People need computers to work for them, not to work on computersall the time. Linux can only ever succeed by presenting a stable, reliable, dependable, really user friendly OS. Let users get confronted by quirks and they will rather pirate Windows. I installed LAN & WAN systems with countless users, I know what I’m talking about. Nobody is interested in battling the OS, they want to be productive, go home and have a life.

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                    • Pete, you seem to assume that I’m interested in Linuxens market share. I’m not. I’m happy to be on a fringe system, an insider joke, a highly elitist, almost elusive operating system. 😉 And that thing with easy and carefree is exactly why I went to Linux. My system maintenance time went from 5 – 10 minutes/day to practically zero since I dumped the WinApple circus.

                      Of course I do my small, my very small part, too, in promoting Linux. Well, not really promoting it, but as I’m so convinced of Linux’ superiority, particularly for housewifes, the elderly and toddlers, I’m blogging about it. If it appears like I’m permannently struggling with Linux and fighting to keep my main computer alive, it’s just a sign of my tendency to try highly risky shit. Guess why I’m always able to blog about my failures and defeats: Because I’m having 3 desktop computers in front of my nose and always at least one of them totally functional. And I’m always having a Mint handy to install quickly as emergency system.

                      Hubby is the usual Linux user, has his Kubuntu 14.04 running since April 2014 and just enjoys Linux as it should be, a highly functional, no-nonsense, workhorse. He will switch to something newer next year, since 14.04 reaches its EOL and he’s forced on something new.

                      And it’s practically in Linux’s genes, it’s system imminent, to be a self made project for many, and not something finished, the industry presents us with. And if you look at the realities, Microsoft gives its users a vastly different desktop with every version number, so there ain’t a clearly visible path of development or any evolution neither. It’s like MS is nuking the battlefield and starts over again with every number. Only problem was, until just recently, that they aren’t very good in desktop GUI design. Nowadays Win 10 has borrowed heavily from stuff we were happily using in Linux since years, so it became slightly better.


                    • You seem to think I am discussing your choices when I am pointing out general geek issues. And I gave some good hunts to silent readers as to why MATE (pronounced “matay”) or Xfce may not be to their liking. KDE had similar quirks. Usually, when Linux enthusiasts promote their fav distro or DE, they don’t point out the pitfalls.

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                    • “You seem to think I am discussing your choices”

                      No. Why would I think such crap?

                      “when I am pointing out general geek issues.”

                      Those are geek issues. They are their problems and don’t concern me or my stance on Linux. I’m all for keeping it simple and geekyness has no place in this blog.

                      “And I gave some good hunts to silent readers as to why MATE (pronounced “matay”) or Xfce may not be to their liking.”

                      Did you? Where? I’m most curious to read those hunts, guessing you mean hints. And why would I ever pronounce Mate not like matay? Ok, I pronounce it like mateh, not with this overdone ay stuff at the end. Don’t forget I’m not one of those tonedeaf anglophiles, and I know how to prounounce mate, nikon, Porsche and other terms that get english speakers into twisting their tongues. 🙂


                    • Says the guy who didn’t come up with a single fact to give his laughable arguments any credibility but failed and failed again.

                      But for the record:

                      No, Mint isn’t used by corporations.

                      No, this blog isn’t geeky nor do I defend those user-unfriendly geeks. I love and respect geeks. To some extent.

                      No, I’m not promoting the Mate DE. I’m saying straight that I like it the most of all Linux DEs. Because it’s easy to make it look exactly how I like it. I! Not anyone else! That probably is totally different for other users. And I said it often enough when we discuss desktop environments. It’s a very personal choice. A choice of taste first and foremost. That’s all.

                      You still haven’t shown any evidence to give your ridiculous claims any credibility.

                      No, I’m not becoming argumentative. Just stating my personal opinion and defending my pov against your silly, totally unfounded opinions. I wonder what made you starting this stupid exchange. If you don’t like anything I write, prove me wrong. And then we can start talking.
                      If that makes me immature in your twisted view, so be it!


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