Apple Being Apple

… at their finest.

Thx for the headlights-up, Inara


Ya, I know, you Apple-ists are probably kicking your own @$$ very hard right now, but I’ve told you since years it’d been better had you saved all the dole, bought a cheap AF komputah and put Linux on it. But who ever listens to anything that dorky German girl mutters in her bloggy? Right? Now deal with it.


On the other hand … who the fuk uses that certain viewer? Probably only Mac-ists anyway, since their graphics are so poor. And back to bed we go …



    • I believe so.
      Macbook Pros are no weaklings, and should be a good base for any OS. Well, lately Apple mucked it up by getting rid of all the ports and making you use dongles. Also they are too expensive, so I would always go with a good brand manufacturer when looking for a laptop. Lenovo ThinkPads, Dell XPS, maybe some more professional HPs, and of course all the small assemblers of barebones, like Clevo, Eurocom and such.


      • A good quality Windows laptop is not really cheaper than Mac. The cheaper ones aren’t military or industrial grade. I was an IBM & HP dealer long ago, the mobile workstations are tough but veeeery expensive. Forking out upward of R40k for a Windoze laptop was quite possible, ten years ago. Mac caught up with them now.

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