Namib GNU/Linux 18.08

Oh my.

Going on a very happy half year semi-anniversary with my new beloved favourite Linux distro ever … and then running into trubbels. 😮 Update refuses to update because geeky reasons way above my blonde-grey noggin. Fortunately frederic2ec just announced the availability of Namib 18.08, so methinks the update error has maybe something to do with that …?

Typical Orca: No half measures here. We don’t fuk about, we delete the whole platter while putting the all-new Namib GNU/Linux on it!

No, can’t be. Like all Arch Linuxes, Namib is also rolling into eternity and never needs to be installed again once you got it installed on your computer. In logic theory. But anyway, who am I to question these things? Downloading the new 18.08 ISO goes fast, and installing it on my trusty MiniMax ‘puter is a breeze and takes kinda not even five minutes. So hell, yeah, instead of wasting days trying to find out what caused the update failure, I reinstall my system completely new from scratch. Everything shiny and fresh now. 🙂

Installation of the whole distro takes roughly five minutes. Nothing to complain about here. Slowpoke Arches like Antergos, while still faster installers than Windows, won’t even come close.

Seen the text in the last screenshot? 100% compatible with Arch Linux! That’s what makes Namib so much adorablerer than its half-baked sistren Manjaro and Antergos. Ok, I have to take care of 1 to 3 million daily updates, but I kinda like  to do that. It gives me the glorious feeling of being something special. LOL 🙂

Without having to do anything I’m directly set up with the latest greatest Linux Kernel 4.17.14! Yes, I know it’s dangerous cause fukn NSA, but their modules aren’t activated in the kernel and even if they were, everybody can just shut ’em down in a matter of seconds, so I hear. So NSA and their minions at Google can kiss my spunky @$$. 🙂

Of course, after install there is some more stuff to do, in order to set the desktop up to my personal taste and workflow. But I’m dealing with Mate DE since many years and  could do it in my sleep now. Pulling my most often used softwares onto the panel, installing the Nvidia driver, language packs, some games, additional softwares and small stuffs won’t take long.

Look at that glorious desktop! Particularly with that wallpaper, which came included in the starter pack, in its simplicity it’s cleaner than just clean: It’s KLEEN!

Well, cough cough and stuffz, maybe I have oversimplified the whole process in my enthusiastic writeup, so here’s The Disclaimer: Hey n00bs, don’t risk your mental stability by installing any distro out of the Arch family. Not just yet. Just because Orca gambles the farm away, you don’t necessarily have to follow her. Don’t be a self-destructive idiot like her. Try to get a footing in Mint, Lite, Ubuntu, Debian or whatever first. And then, in half a year or so, you shall try to do the next jump in your OS carreer. 😉 But not now!



    • Yes, I followed the link and saw the tutorial, but that looked way too complicated for me. So I thought I just install 18.08 totally fresh. And now I’m happy again and didn’t have to read technical stuff.


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