1. Love that poster. There’s a copy at Frank Jack Fletcher Airfield in the ‘Hyojong’ region of central Jeogeot, next to Aeon Voom and Debi Dastardly’s vintage World War Two hangar.

    In that hangar were (last I was there) were two Bell Airacobra fighters, each of which was held together with nuts and bolts sized in fractions of that naughty inch (because Bell didn’t go over to metric measurements until long after they made the Airacobra).

    I can just imagine two Army Air Force mechanics sweating under one of the Airacobras, repairing it. One of them swears, not having the wrench he needs to unfasten an access plate, and turns to the other mechanic, asking “Hey, pass me a… ” then whispers “… five-sixteenths, would you?”


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