That was Obvious

And I mean, really, why not? Of course it was obvious!

As everybody who cares about hardware with pre-installed Linux distros should know, our friends at Dell are very well set in the game of non-Windows laptops. Only question the one or other of us might have (apart from Why do it at all?) is why are they using fukn Ubuntu. That’s a crappy distro and not worthy to be put on Dell XPS machinery.

But whatever, here’s the seasonal newness about a generational change in the pre-installed Linux system:

High-End Linux??? Everything else would be a sign of weakness

Now let’s get serious: Why do I feel the need to explain the obvious to my very intelligent readers? Anyway, Ubuntu isn’t a rolling release, they come up with a new version twice a year, in 04 and 10 respectively. So logic dictates that Dell distribute their recent hardware to the customers and resellers, featuring the latest system, no? I mean I’d be mighty pissed off if I unpack my shiny new XPS13 at home and stumble about an outdated 17.10 release. 😮 And Logically and understandably so.

So, why do the guys at ZDNet, why does Mr. Vaughan-Nichols think this is newsworthy material? And … why do I? Am I stupid? Oh wait, don’t answer that, it was merely a rhetorical question. But well, I’m not a highly paid tek journo and I do this just for shit n giggles. And since today turned out to be kinda Tek Friday on Thar She Blows! I thought why not letting you in on the less imporant shit going on in the tek world.

Anyhoo, without having ever owned an XPS laptop, but watched many reviews and tests I can say they are very good, well built, sturdy and strong, “top-flight” as Vaughn-Nichols calls it … and Linus himself is using one of those for his daily coding work. For us poor amateurs you know my recommendation: Second Hand Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkCentres. If you’re dwelling stateside you’re probably being clubbered to death by those things when they are returned from lease contracts. But if you’re rich and have the money to burn, a brandnew Dell XPS  is always a worthwile alternative. With or without Linux on it.



  1. Omg why did they put Ubuntu.. fixed release is a shame for that type of laptop. They should have put something more interesting like a good rolling release or something in the mid of that like Fedora.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh, come on Fred, we both know what this lappy really needs and craves for: A nice userfriendly Arch, like Namib GNU/Linux for example. 🙂
      But at least has Dell their own Linux division, which means you get a machine that has never been touched by any Microsoft merde. =^.^=
      Oh, btw, why is Namib still not on DistroWatch? Are they stupid?


      • Oh Fred, one petit problem with the latest updates:
        Needs dependency xcursor-breeze for namib-mate settings.

        What do I do now?


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