Panem et Circenses

Yes, we’re usually all very earnest, very dry, absolutely unfunny geeks and fraggles and think the whole day about command lines, hard- and software and the future of Second Life and world peace and Russian hackers and stuff like that. Right!

But every once in a  while some Linuxy housefrau fires up her freebie games and plays some rounds of Solitaire, Tetris or the super funny SuperTuxKart racing game. And, guess what, the devs of that game are always working on making Tux and his friends racing even better:

Who could say No to this absolutely free awesomeness?

Hey, really now, if you’re on some kind of Linux system and don’t like to waste your precious time with some old and busted games you can find in Windows and Mac as well, please do yourself a favour, download and install your personal copy of SuperTuxKart for absolutely free and work your way up in the racing hierarchy of the GNU/Linux world.

No need to join Lord Gaben on his Steam gaming distribution system, still same fun as Mario Kart, this won’t cost you a single dime!


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