On Heavy Rotation: Khruangbin ***EDIT***

Aloha music lovers!

Quite some time has passed since my last Heavy Rotation write up. Less because of the quality and number of amazing bands and musicians but more due to me being lazy and not sure how to express my love for certain musical styles, and general cluelessness about the subject. And that is weird, taking into account that I use to listen to music almost all day long, and finding new listening material on an almost daily base.

However, lately I’m musically in a strange, trippy and somehow eclectic mood and this Texan trio fits my listening habit quite well. Maybe it’s due to my age but I just can’t get excited about skater metal anymore. So today I wanna introduce to you the polar opposite of Metal:


“DJ” Thomson (drums, keyboards), Mark Speer (guitar) amd Laura Lee (bass)

See, now my problem starts, how do I describe their music in the best, kinda fitting way? Hmm, best with allegories, right? I’ve heard people calling Khruangbin’s music Khmer punk, but that doesn’t hit it. At all. Khruangbin’s mostly instrumental music is never aggressive but falls into the Easy Listening genre. Almost elevator music if it wasn’t so catchy and exciting in its reduced arrangement and almost minimalistic style.

I’d say they sound like a Tarantino movie about a Thai brothel, like Bruce Lee drinking tea with vietcong veterans. Khruangbin’s musical miniatures sound like jungle, like sweat, high humidity, Thai temples, like tiki huts. Like two stroke mopeds at sunset. It’s almost kitsch, but mostly scratches the curve.

like the Thai funk cassettes your granddad might have played to get an orgy going in 1967.

Say whatever you want about these three weirdos, I guess they are much too relaxed and lost in their own world of eternal south-east Asian grooves to care about your insignificant stupid opinion. Yes, you might be right in your expertise and call them a fake. But seriously, who gives a muck?

What I like best about Khruangbin is that you don’t necessarily have to love their style. You can listen to their chilled grooves for hours without ever getting offended, aggreviated or tired of their schtick. That’s why I shall shut up now and give the word to Mark and Laura:

In this Rig Rundown we learn everything there is to know about Khruangbin’s rather individual approach to amplification and sound.

Finally found a profound description of Khruangbins music:


And now I hear …

self-indulgent poolside funk grooves

… which is correct. I guess, looking at Khruangbin, they are shamelessly self-indulgent, like kids in the candy store.

The Texan trio’s sultry, spectral soul instrumentals, sprinkled with hints of Marvin Gaye and Iranian music, is overindulgent and dull

Five Questions - Laura Lee
Nice interview with Laura Lee


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