Linux on Your Chromebook!

Let’s not become nipicky here, ok? Yes, Chrome OS is based on Linux, maybe it is even a Linux. Who cares? It’s not free, it’s not Open Source, it’s a proprietary Google property thing. Let’s forget about all that now. I assume many of my American readers are in posession of one or another ChromeBook, and why not? They are nifty and well built and kinda useful … but first and foremost are they cheap af!

So logically some Linux fraggles have figured out ways to make those ChromeBooks and ChromeBoxes even more useful by putting real software on them. How about a nice Linux which will catapult your ChromeThingy into a whole new dimension? Here’s how you do it:

Zugeschaut und mitgebaut. 😉

Of course the physical storage space on ChromeBooks is very restricted so in the long run you won’t get around working mostly online with these things. Totally not anything Orca would want for herself, but she’s weird and must muck off anyway, right?

Please lemme and your fellow blog readers know how it turned out for you, ok?


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