Elementary OS are in it for the Big Time!

Love & Peace, my bros and sis,

you might have gotten the feeling that your editrix ain’t a huge fan of the elementary OS Linux distro. Didn’t like how it dumbs down Linux, didn’t like the way it acts and feels and didn’t appreciate the fact it’s still clinging onto its mothership Ubuntu far too closely. There was nothing in Elementary other Buntu fork-offs couldn’t do better or different. Only thing they do very good at Ele, is producing a very nice website and marketing the shit out of their hapless little distro. Shining example of a really fancy fork being Linux Mint! There you get what you want and need, perfectly integrated, easy to use and rock solid stable. And they are doing it quiet and humble, they don’t ask for donations, althoug I guess Clem Levebvre won’t say no to some moneys. But no, what they do is giving you some very nifty little macro-mini computers for very good prices.

Unlike ele, where you get nothing in return but a promise they’ll keep going on developing their distro. Whoopdeedoo! 😦

And most of all I didn’t like the way the Ele project presented itself. They seem to be very shrewd marketing people over there; probably better in that aspect than on the technical Linux side of things.

Nevertheless, the super clever Trappy seemed to like it somehow. :/

But anyhoo, now look at this:

OMG Ubuntu! knows more!

Like the ele devs, nobody has any idea where that mystery donation came from or why that anonymous (but clueless?) donor actually chose the marketing, e-begging blitz, Elementary, as an project worthy of his monetary support. Apart from that, apart from my personal feelings of negativity, isn’t it awesome? Awesome to see one geeky kid out of momma’s basement has got an actual job now? Huge congratz, and all the power for Cassidy James Blaede.


If one wanted to see it, it was quite clear, right from the begining, the Elementary OS distro was in it for the big time. They always gave an impression of being hungry and aggressive. Remember their “Paywall”? Now, years later, their strategy seems to have worked out.

Linux saves lifes! 🙂


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