Don’t Fear the NSA!

Oh wait! Let me rephrase that: Fear the NSA you must! Run for the hills, don’t tell them nothing, pray to a better God than theirs and generally hope for the best. Why? What happen? Look. Read:

Those unsavoury fuckarolios! 😮

Yes, I know this all sounds bad, and it’s true, the NSA doesn’t have your best interest at heart when they spy on you. One should really develop at least a slight paranoia when living in the interwebz. Of course the NSA doesn’t like the freedoms we enjoy in GNU/Linux. The reasons are obviously that we are bad consumers, think for ourselves, are critical and altogether a tad too clever for their liking. So of course they are trying to infiltrate the Linux envvironment as well as the proprietary Windows/MacOS/Google/Facebook stuff. But …

Good boy Linus, very good boyyyy!

When you read the article you’ll notice NSA was shut down by ISO and other entities, so relax. No, not really. When these guys have you in their sights they will do whatever to get to you. We’ve heard about NSA bullying developers and breaking agreements and behaving all around awful. But here’s a little breather for everybody: Maybe NSA noticed they aren’t as clever as we are and leave the hardcore Linux community alone. They found a new field of spyworthy tek, in the shape and form of the Internet of Things and Android. And it was of course a Google engineer who pushed for the incorporation of NSA’s codes. So no reason to be worried. Anybody using home automation systems and Android phones is stupid on a level that doesn’t even deserve our pity, right? Ain’t that right, Alexa?

How to disable Speck from Linux Kernel [Advanced users only]

If you are an average Linux user with Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and other non-rolling release distributions, chances are that you are not even using Kernel 4.17.

I don’t recommend it for everyone but if you are an advanced user who is habitual of messing with the kernel, check the Linux kernel version and if it uses Kernel 4.17, you may blacklist the Speck kernel module.

If it doesn’t exist already, create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file and add the following lines to it:


And even better, if you’ve listened to Orca’s recomendations and run Mint, you’re still far away from Linux Kernel 4.17, which is the one containing NSA’s software. Ooopsy … Orcsibaby is already on it! 😮 But otoh it’s not as dangerous as one might think. The code lies dormant and is, as already mentioned, targeting IoT and Android once you activate it. So Orca won’t lose any sleep over this shit and still feels save and secure in Linux’ hands.

Without wanting to sound smug, this is another win for GNU/Linux vs WinApple systems. They get all that shit just smuggled into their OS, and no questions asked, while in Linux we have the advantage of an ever watchful and powerful community.

So, now excuse me please for one or two minutes while I kick the NSA off my system. Kthxbai xoxoxo



  1. Here is my theory. I don’t have any level of self importance to believe that they would be spying on me personally. They don’t have the staff, we are all just noise unless we raise enough red flag noise to stand out in a HUGE crowd. Have you ever tried to listen to 5 songs playing at the same time at the same volume? It’s just noise even if they were your 5 top favorite jams by themselves. This is the case only multiplied by 10’s of millions of internet users…billions even. So while there is truth in all the spying stuff and I do not deny that, I just don’t buy into any paranoia concerning it. Their staff to user ratio is pretty fucking low.

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    • Yes, you’re right about that, Jackie. And that’s why we don’t have anything to fear, do we. Or do we? I’m known to have been member of various ultra-left wing socialist youth organisations and of antifa, having marched in anti-Iraq war protests, was arrested by German police in a anti-Nazi protest … and so on. Of course I’m not posing any threat to the USA but: I just don’t want them to have access to my data. No matter if they are ever able to even analyse it or not. The fact alone that they are throwing out a dragnet that catches millions just in the vague hope to find the one ultrarevolutionary, well, it just enrages me. They are actively creating an atmosphere of fear, of dusty, small-minded anti-communism that reminds one of the McCarthy aera. And that some ahole Google technocrat pushes the NSA code into the kernel makes matters even worse.
      NSA’s staff to user ratio might be low af, it’s still an unancceptable softening of Linux’ hard edge when those two NSA programs make it into the kernel. 😦


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