A Long Day in SL

Oh wow, it’s almost like back in the old times, when I used to spend 8, 9, 10 or more hours/day inworld Second Life. Now today I didn’t even come close to those maniac numbers but I spent some hours in world nonetheless. Put a new pool in my rooftop onsen and had an IM convo with my old feline friend and LCC super cheerlader Kittensusie. Guess I just have to join the LCC crowd again and find out if I still know how to sail in our funky little world.

The super nice Hinoki Buro No.5 is only 2 LI. Absolutely gokuraku!

And while I was conversing with little Kitten I integrated a new onsen pool into my rooftop onsen setup. Finally a pool with some single and couple poses that fits into my idea of a clean but not cold pool area. Was no problem to sink the Hinoki Buro No.5 (Mesh), into the floor, and only cost me a couple prims.

Even panzer driving anime girls enjoy a relaxing hot bath after the battle

Then I had another convo with another oldold friend of mine, the lovely and  sexy Helene Lytton. Was fun talking about old times and new plans and … can you believe it, she didn’t have any idea about the Linden’s new prim and parcel sizes for Premium members! 😮 Half of SL went completely crazy about it or all of SL went semi-crazy or whatever … and Hele didn’t even know. :/ OMG!

Anyhoo, me, not stupid but quick witted, immediately invited her to my top secret group (pssht, it’s so secret only me and my sisters are in it), so she can donate all her tier to the group and I have a chance to put some furniture into the Orca Headquarter building. Tee hee. 🙂

A whole star fleet, A galaxy of stars!!!

Then another old friend, and my second Italian acquaintance for today, the super talented Ali Vultee IMed me and asked if I’m up for looking at a Starboat fleet. Oh my, didn’t I plan to visit Ali in her paint shop since looong but never got around to it? So what better opportunity to visit her than right now!?! And look at a … whaaaa?

Olympic Starboats

Unfortunately the RL Starboat was kicked out of the Olympics since Rio 2016. But Ali, very optimistic, made two Olympic designs nevertheless. Looking fancy, right? Anyway, did you see the many Stars in her little marina? Half of them glassfibre, the other half traditional wooden boats, and all of them beautiful. If you’re scratching your head right now and wonder where does a Starboat in SL come from, all of a sudden, it is made by none else than our old friend, and boat builder deluxe, Kain Dutch Xenobuilder.

The Ushuaia

The Star ain’t available yet, but should be soon and at least now you know from where to get it when it pops on the market. And, almost more important, you know where you can get a new and chic paintjob for that old boat.

Last but not least did Ali show me a new paintjob for the Ushuaia, an older bestselling boat by Dutch. Rarely ever have I seen such a huge infrastructure, such an array of extras, for a boat as for the Ushu. Fantastic!

Ali and Orcsi looking at the Ushu


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