Things are Happening!

Dunno what’s wrong with the fibre laying companies in this country. You may remind we’ve already had one in our complex a couple monthes ago … and now the next troupe’s gonna destroy our communal greens again, by digging even more trenches:


Looks different from last time, but still like canals, not like the actual fibre. Or does it? Anyway, when you ask one of the digging crew, oh my, they have no idea what it is they are doing. And what for. And even if they knew, they would never let a blonde grey lady in about the complicated technology. Because wimmin, what do we know about the hitec of digging little trenches, right? :/

Just asked the nice foreman of Corline, the company digging now, and he says the guys who were laying fibre some months ago, made shit, layed down fibre of crappy quality. That’s why it’s gotta be done all over again now. Mhm, one riddle solved. All I am interested in right now is the date when fibre will go live in our complex and we can finally join the rest of the world in hi speed interwebby konnektivity.

Oh, who’s gonna pay for all that shit, you’re asking? What the fuk do I know. As long as it’s not us, I’m a happy camper.

PS: And now hubby tells me he got a mail a couple days ago, and didn’t I know? And … look:


Aaaaw, aha! So it’s not just the diggers keeping quiet, I guess it’s a male conspiracy to cut off wimmin from any deeper knowledge. They just don’t want us to know. 😮 And hubby, the self-acclaimed socialist fighter for a better world and full-on human rights activist is one of them as well! 😦 Obviously when you have a vagina you’re not a real human being, or what? Or is it, as I assume, and my man is just too old to care about technical shit? But no,  I refuse to believe that; he’s only 55 and nothing but an adolescent teddybear. he should be excited about fibre as I am.



      • And so it begins. In a couple hundred or thousand years archaeologsts will wonder about all those glassfibre snakes around our houses and determine them as the reason for the sudden collapse of our suburbian “housing bubble”. LOL.
        No, but it’s funny to think about how we got from 40 years old rusty copper wires to two competing fibre companies in a matter of just some months.
        But I don’t care one way or the other. As long as we don’t have an established konnekshun to dem innerwebz I’m not gonna fry unlaid eggs.

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    • Brigitte Long is obviously a Personal Assistant and has no idea what she’s doing but is forced by her male bosses to do such things. So, basta!

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