“Orca, Don’t Be Lazy!”

“Hey, you stoopid cowabunga always claim Linux is so awesome amd there are gazillions of amazing distros out there to get and install, and be happy with. So why don’t you make yourself at least a little bit useful and show them to us? Always recommending the same two or three distros is so ooold and boring by now, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Thank you. anonymous and totally made up OrcaBlog reader, for your lovely approach. So you expect me to review more non-mainstream distros? Ain’t my beloved Namib GNU/Linux not undergroundish sideshow enough for your taste? You want me to grind my teeth at something like this?

A panzer of a Linux distro from the country of the Volvos and Saabs and IKEA … and Abba. 🙂

ExTiX’s homepage does look very cool, one feels in good hands there. But then …

“Buggy mess”? Oh my, QuidsUp, my nasal friend, what’s wrong with it?

Aha! The umpteenth Ubuntu fork-off, just a hint quicker on LXQt desktop before Lubuntu gets it. And it’s not even good. When QuidsUp, a real Linux expert, has trubbels installing it, why do you expect this hausfrau to do any better?

See, peepels, I’ve never claimed to be an expert; not on Linux, not on computers in general. And this here bloggy isn’t a Linux-centric blog, believe it or not. At least I’m trying to keep it mostly about Second Life … and, yes, I know, I’m failing at that. My blog is about my personal journey, it’s my personal diary, containing mostly my opinions and experiences. So when I write about Linux it is of course highly personal and subjective, not based on  real expertise but on my user experience. That’s why I leave out a lot, for example the KDE/Plasma desktop, and all the Window Managers.

That’s why I think my blog can be useful for n00bs in the Linux world. And if only to learn not to get lost in all the hundreds of sideshow Linuxes. So here I’m telling you to not invest any time and effort and thought processes into ExTiX Linux. It’s just not worth it for you as a n00b. If you’re already cool with Linux, you have my blessing to go ahead and knock yourself out.

If you care to remember I already tried and tested LMDE/LXQt desktops a couple of times in here, and although basically very much liking the concept, in the end I always shyed away from them. I even tried an earlier version of ExTiX long ago … and wasn’t smitten by it neither. In fact it was one of those small distros that drove me away from one-man-shows. So guys, if your computer is really old and busted and you need something lightweight more than anything else, please go ahead and try some decent LXQT or LMDE distro: Lubuntu, LXLE and some others spring to mind. But don’t waste your youth on shitty ExTiX!

Here’s what the united user base had to say about ExTiX on the UToobz:

YouTube can be a rather toxíc environment, no?


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