Linux is Alright …

… but Arch Linux is the ultimate powertool for power users! And housewives, and SL cartoon figures too.

Look, see:


Just got a brand new Linux Kernel, 4.17.12, and installed it right away.

Why is this so important? Well, to be perfectly honest, it really isn’t. No big deal if you always get the latest Kernel delivered right on your doorstep, like, 2 seconds after Linus (the man himself) gave his final ok and the Kernel was published. No biggie to use Linux distros that are based on older Kernels, like for example the whole Ubuntu family, including Linux Mint. Oh yes, let’s have a peek at what the amazing Linux Mint Debian Edition, LMDE3, comes with:


Aha! 4.9.0-7, right? Hey, not saying that Kernel is, like, totally outdated … but a bit long in the tooth it is by now. Well, it’s perfectly usable but be advised neither Debian nor Mint are sending out Kernel updates throughout the lifespan of this LMDE version. And if it keeps on rolling like LMDE2 before it, it might be some years before you’ll get something new and exciting. Yes, we all know Debian and its minion Ubuntu are more about Rock Solid Stability than about high fashion, yadda yadda yadda … but if and when you’re a geek, or a wannabe geek lookalike like Orcsi, you want always the lastest and greatest stuff on your computer, right? I mean, come on, the shit is free in Linux, so it won’t cost you anything to be always dressed in high Linux fashion. \o/ YAY! \o/

PS: More about LMDE3 soon. I finally got it installed without errors and testing it right now. So far everything looks groovy and why shouldn’t it? Oh, and it’s out of Beta already, so when you download it now, you get the final release version.

Whoa, that must’ve been the shortest Beta testing phase in the history of ever:

Oh looksie here, you can even put it on your stone age 32-bit computer!



    • KernEl please, like the kernel in a plum or avocado. Because it sits smackbang at the core of your system.

      And, yes, of course you can update the kernel in Mint, and pretty much every other Linux distro, by yourself. That’s why Linux is so awesome, Jackie. But then, when we do it, we must ask ourselves if it’s a wise move to update the kernel without being prompted to do so, without offical update. We can never be sure there won’t be any incompabiities and we just fuk the whole OS by nilly willy updating. As you know working in the teminal with all the amazing privileges and permissions, we get by just typing in our password, brings with it a great deal of responsibility. And I know there must be a reason for why Clem and his gang are instrumentalizing slightly older kernels, why even the latest and greatest release versions are miles and months behind the cutting edge as represented by Arch.

      Fortunately for the stupid end user, hausfrau Orca, with the many many updates coming from upstream Arch, we don’t have to do anything. We just roll from one amazing newness to the next … and are always way more advanced than all the *buntu and Debian fork-offs. Those amazing geeks at Arch are a very active bunch, and the community is huge and full of wisdom, so I’m mostly too ashamed to just mingle with them, as if I knew anything. That’s why you won’t find Orca in any Linux forum … and least of all a Arch forum.

      Little anecdote: Last time I asked in Manjaro forum for help, since something I did for years suddenly didn’t work no more, the majority of forumists misunderstood me on purpose and always gave me the wrong advice … up to the point I was told to better revert back to Ubuntu. Or better break out my old Mac again. 😮 So I’m a little shy around the awesome, but socially crippled basement dwellers of the Arch community.
      PS: It later turned out I was right, there was indeed something broken in the udpdate circle. Those geeks were just so used to unconsciously find workarounds for problems, they thought everything was A-OK and I was just a hysterical blonde. 😦


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