New Video!

Ohayo Dudettes and Duderinos!

HappyVidAfter the great success of my first video and the total fail of doing another, this wonderful morning I made a test video, just fukin around with stuffz. Wanna observe Orca mucking up in front of a worldwide audience?


Yes, I know there’s not much of narrative charme to it. Just, as I said, a brief look into my daily life on Planet SL. Orca stepping into the shower, fully clothed, then falling of a rooftop and finally going on a ride with one of ZZ’s café racer bikes. Ya, thats basically all. But now I know it worx and I can make more videos when and if needed … for more important stuff, ya know?


Maybe next time I’ll let you have a looksee at a nice and easy GNU/Linux desktop in action. 😉


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