I’m Sooo Inspired

Making videos is kinda goofy fun. And when Orca does it the emphasis lies on goofy. 😦 In this particular one I wanted to show y’all how simple it is to live in a Linux environmnent. Of course I had no plan of what to show you exactly, just wanted to click around for a while, start the one or other application and show you how easy peasey it all is. Of course stupid me had to start by opening the much dreaded Terminal, a thing every Linux n00b fears for some or the other reason. I hope you know that those Terminals and their cryptic content is buried under MacOS and Windows too, dontcha? And you can even open those terminals in these desktops as well. They just don’t make it easy for you. Well, in Linux you’re absolutely free to fuck around as much as you fancy, because the devs assume you’re an adult and super duper responsible n shit. Even Orcsi’s got her own terminal and SuperUser and Root permissions and all the fancy stuff. Ya, totally adult-like n shit.


Now I didn’t take into account that I was so stupid and in my excitement mistyped my own password, which made the whole presentation look even less cool. :/ I also didn’t think there was already an update waiting for me to install. Honestly thought my update command would return a There is nothing to do-message and was kinda surprised the system indeed started a medium sized update. 😮 But that didn’t matter since now I could show you how Linux handles updates: I just worked on and let the update do its stuff in the background. Cool, eh? Your Windows can do that too?

Anyhoo, look at how Orca made a donkey of herself again …

But at least I did all that, shooting and publishing not one, but two, crappy videos in half an hour of my not so precious time. And that makes me cool again, no? I mean, come on, other bloggers are happy if they manage to publish one post per week, sometimes per month. And little stupid Orcsi does two, containing freshly purpose-made videos inside of 30 minutes! That is something, no?

But now let me rest, my children. Auntie Orca is tired and must start her workday …


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