I Don’t Need It!

Not really, no.

But I want it! Must have it! Badly!

And here’s why:

Top of the morning, sirs, ladies …

Liliputing knows more.

Now look at this. Marvellous, right? Fantastic little thing just waiting and ready to jump in my pocket. Hence it’s sexy name of GPD Pocket 2. And, yes, you remember correctly, you’ve seen this micro laptop, PDA, netbook, mini PC, palmtop, whatever it is, before. You’ve seen it in Orca’s very interesting blog, when I reported about the first, yet unnumbered, version of the GPD Pocket in 2017.

Poser! This will never fit, ever.

Since then the computing world has changed a bit and  what was hip and cool back then is mostly still hip and cool … but some  little tweaks and customizations made the GPD even betterer, fasterer and still as cute as it always was.

If that isn’t Linux on the GPD’s screen …

Why tell you about the specs of the GPD2? You think you can run a datacenter with it or break any speed records or have a fun-sized gaming laptop? Naaw, fuhgetaboutit, this pocket computer is much too precious to be abused for such kiddie shit. It’s your personal computer that you have always on you, always with you. Had the plot idea or a new cool character for your upcoming Novel of the 21st Century? Wanna play a little game to pass the time while riding the commuter train? Need to jot down some notices for your exams? Check your IMs in SL? Hey, you have this adorable little thing right in your trousers pocket, no need to take of the backpack and haul your biggy lappy out of it. Oh, the weather is so nice today, you don’t even take the rucksack with you. Neither your jacket. But you’ve got that adorable GPD thingy in your jeans pocket. Always!

Swooosh … sorted. 🙂

Oh my, won’t it break in there? Yes, sooner or later, when you carry it in your back pocket and accidentally sit on it, it surely will crack and break. But, c’mon, this is a sturdy aluminium construction and will endure all the possible abuse better than most biggerer and heavierer laptops.

Gaming? Yes. But don’t expect the power to run modern AAA games. On a 7″ screen that’s silly anyway.

What about the software? I hear the GPD Pocket 2 comes with a pre-installed Windows 10, which is probably what most of you sheeples want anyway, right? So, yes, you’re covered in that aspect. But we true aficionados, with much better taste and style, we know what we want, what this micro machine is truly intended for. And yes, no problemo: It will run all sorts of Linuxes! And, as always, the GPD 2 will run smoother and faster with Linux. And you’ll have all your favourite apps directy installed with Linux and no need to waste your precious storage with that shit. I wanna go as far as claiming that machines like the GPD2 only truly show what they’re capable of when they run in Linux!

Why do all the testers always feel the need to put Ubuntu on the tested hardware?

So far Orca’s fangurly blah blah. Now let’s watch some much more informative Videos:

And who says you can’t game on the GPD?



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