Building is Hard. :o

Nice pool, isn’t it?

I’m quite happy so far with my rooftop onsen. One of the many problems tho is that nobody can sit and soak in the pool yet. So I gotz meself the Wayfarers Well, as recommended by Orcablog reader Patricia deChenier.

Hmmm, this won’t stand!

Rezzed that thing near my own pool, but not keeping it as is, like Pat did, but my idea was to extract and transplant the anims from the Well into my self built pool. Alas, pheew, that’s not easy, not as easy as I thought. I really gave it my all, 110% effort … but still no cigar. 😦 Well, people say a lot of shit about me, but nobody’s ever accused me of not being naiive. :/ Not without me proving them wrong. LØL. 🙂

Giving up for now. Got a movie to watch for yet another O@tM. At 10 A.M. in the morning? Yeah, why not? Hubby threatened to divorce me should I only try do so much as to convince him to watch this cinematic marvel *hint hint, nudge nudge* with me. So I better watch it now before he wakes up. That way we avoid conflicts in this house of movie aficionados. Although, and this must be said, he has no clue about real cinema, what’s good and worthwile, always rates content over packaging, and clever dialogues over pretty pictures and nifty action. Old geyser. Baaah!

Laterz …



  1. You made a tremendous pool, and “Wayfarers Well” looks good in your build. I looked at a lot of other onsen for my build, but in the end low price, low prims, very good animation quality and my need for a small footprint pushed me toward Dysfunctionality‘s “Spring Onsen”. I thought about using “Wayfarers Well” but I already had a massive rock feature and waterfall right where I wanted my onsen anyway, so “Spring Onsen” won by a very small margin.

    The cuddles and solo animations in those items are very well-made. I had friends over early this morning, and they seemed very happy. My general practice when re-purposing a build I buy from someone else is to keep the root prim or where-ever the animation engine is linked and anything else I like about that build, and place it where I need it in my build – which is what you’re doing. We’re building for ourselves, not reselling.

    Can’t wait till you’re done!

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