The Difference in Fibre


We’re getting Fibre! Not now. But pretty soon-ish or at some time in the forseeable future. Anyway, we have the big chunky fibre cable already inside the complex, and a couple days ago we also got a channel put to the back wall of our housy, in which they will pull our individual fiber cable inside the next days, weeks, months … Let’s not forget this is Africa, kinda. And not only that, this is also Cape Town, the city that forgot itself because the inhabitants are such slobs.

Anyhoo, today we received a letter by the company that lays fibre in our suburb, with details of how to apply for the service. Up to now, and also up to the terminal inside our house everything will be free. It’s our decision if we wanna get connected or not. Hmmmm. It’s more expensive, our ADSL connection works pretty good and reliable since, like, more than a year, so why bother with the change? I mean, of course our latency will be much better and the speed obviously much faster. But honestly, we are now on 10MB which is plenty fast for everything we do.

On the other hand is fibre so very nifty, ain’t it? Schmecksy. 🙂

But what I initially wanted to show you, particularly our American friends, was this here …

23 ISPs to choose from!

Yes, this is the list of available ISPs to choose from in our area. 23 they are. TwentyFuknThree! This is still some hell hole in the 3rd world, not some world leading super power like the USA, where you probably have at least 150 ISPs at your disposal in your area, and can change between them at any time, and with just some mouseclicks, right?

No? Oh. 😮 Guys, I’m soo sorry …

At least that’s how we do it here, in the free African freedom market. We will probably stay with our provider Afrihost, since they’ve always been fair to us. And they were the small hosting company that became an interwebz provider and started the price revolution, like, nine years ago. And I guess they are still amongst the cheapest. Now with fibre there will be no difference in service quality so it all boils down to price. Gotta investigate further …

AfriFuknHost is our fave ISP!



  1. I’m frankly envious of you.

    I live in the supposedly high-tech USA, where, any day now, we’re getting balloon Internet from Google (Puerto Rico has it now) and satellite Internet now that SpaceX has made that do-able… but here in my sunny, scenic beach town on the Gulf coast, we’ve got ONE ISP, AT&T.

    AT&T is cheap, but you don’t even get what you pay for when it rains. You can see them laying fiber optic line from NASA’s rocket engine test station 20 miles down the road, so we’re getting fiber goodness eventually.


    My situation actually deteriorated from when I moved here from 160 km upstate, and had Comcast, who sold me 97 MBps fiber optic along with VOIP phone and nice cable service (free HBO to get me hooked on Game of Thrones), and Second Life just buzzed along the way it s’posed to.

    Life sucks, sometimes. Move where it’s pretty and the seafood is cheap, fresh and plentiful, and look what happens – your have to put up with the worst ISP in North America.

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    • Please Pat, don’t think here is everything hunky dory. Saffa is still a fukn 3rd world country and we’ve been through some damn dark times with internet more off than on and 64 kb download speed for some years in the beginning. I still remember how I had to drive out to a 24 h-gas station to buy bandwith in 1 or 4 GB portions, just so I could log in for another LCC Sunday Cruise. And bandwith was super expensive. Uncapped was unheard of. It’s indeed only the last couple years that we have kindasorta reliable interwebz connection. Of course this is now reminiscent of Eastern Germany in the first years after the reunification: After so many years of neglect they got lots of new infrastructure that made ours in the west look old and busted. It’s the same here now. We’re being lifted from 30 years old copper wires directly to the latest fibre cables. And the many ISPs … well, pfff, make no real difference. None of them is more than just a reseller of bandwidth. So it doesn’t matter much with who you go. In the end it’s all about what kind of person you get on the phone on the helpline. Some darky you can hardly understand while he reads from his script or a non-black competent network technician.


      • Here in the States, good Internet bandwidth is actually a by-product of the movie and media industry. Anything you do on the Internet which isn’t watching a movie or other packaged entertainment comes to you because the movie and media industry needed that infrastructure in place anyway to sell movies and TV advertising space.

        The ominous thing is that Sony, which bought the company that sold us SLGo and made Second Life usable for people like me who only get old junk computers, first thing after that buy-out, killed SLGo. There’s nothing in the news about how they use that technology or even IF they use it. But Sony made a permanent XBox customer out of me just to keep from sending them another cent on things like Playstation. And I’m rooting for Kim Jong-un’s hackers to ravish Sony Pictures’ servers again, and again. Fuck with MY SLGo, will you, Sony?

        My experience with Third World help line people has been uneven. Comcast has decent ones, who actually upsold me in ways I liked (that 97 MBps fiber optic line, after I called bitching at them again, and again over weekend service outages). Here in the USA, public education has fallen so deep in the toilet where it doesn’t matter what color your help-line person is, you just pray they know what they’re doing.

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        • Here all they know, no matter if black, white or coloured, is how to read from their scripted gameplan. And don’t even try to interrupt them in any way; they’ll just start again from the beginning. And you sure as hell know they have no clue what they’re talking about because none of them makes enough money to own a computer themselves … or pay the monthly fees for da innerwebz konnekshun. So we end up with trained munkies. 😮
          “No thanks I’ve got quite enough of your service and your company.”

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          • Yeah, that’s what we get, too. This isn’t me being racist, but the funny thing is that there’s actually a school in Mumbai which teaches telephone sales and service representatives how to speak ‘Murrican English – and just like high school, the first thing they get is an “American” name. I saw a news feature on them and thought, “Naw…. “, but I had a long conversation with a fellow named “Chip” (an American nickname) who spoke decent American with a strong Mumbai accent.

            Nothing’s funnier than a phone call from someone who sounds like Peter Sellers impersonating an Indian saying “Hello! My name is “Chip”! I’m calling from my office in Chicago… “

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            • Yeah, I always wonder why those scammers of the “Windows Help Center” carry American names. It’s soooo obviously fake. I also wonder how they justify the telephone costs for overseas connection from India to South Africa, I mean, ok, we’re both members of BRICS but I don’t think that made calls cheaper.


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