Isn’t That Right?


I’m loving it! Mr. Perple Stuff obviously isn’t a real Linux fanboi, an Xer for all the right and politically correct reasons; he’s on Linux for purely selfish, practical motives. And that’s not just ok, that is what the whole of the Linux world strives to reach, or at least should strive for: End users, people just like you and me, clueless or clued up, clever or dumb as bread, housewifes and technical losers like Orca; everybody’s logging into Linux like most of the sheeples are logging into WinMac today.

And their reasons have nothing to do with the “do the right thing” mentality we show today but are purely practical: “a little faster with less annoyances”. That’s plenty cool. A very good reason, even two good reasons. For me Perple’s brief statement is more of a testament for Linuxes goodness than long winded technical explainifications by old school Linux coders and opinion makers. Perple’s experience was a good one. That’s all that counts!

But, please, Perple, don’t huff your brain cells away!


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