Got an Email

Totally unsolicited, from a person I’ve never heard of before, consisting of just one short sentence:

buy linux Mint Tshirt

And a photo of said Tshirt. That was all. No links, no options, no way to actually buy that shirt. The good salesperson is in for a big disappointment, I guess. Because she won’t do any business like that.

Siam’s message is simple: “buy linux mint Tshirt”. A offer order one can’t simply say No to.

I bet she went through the great workload to send those offers to anyone participating in the Linux Mint website or blogging about it or what do I know. Anyhoo, this failed attempt to sell me anything kinda reminds me on Mint’s latest attempt to make their comunity happy, LMDE 3. It’s also rather sloppy, from installation to the fact it only comes with the Cinnamon desktop environment. Sorry guys, no deal. I guess I’ll rather use MX-17 or Gecko Linux as my emergency system.

Explainification: Clem is the head honcho of Linux Mint. But does his comment not sound like he’s already given up on the LMDE project?



    • ¡Eeeks, eeps eeeps!
      Green is hateful, no? There is only one acceptable green, two acceptable greens: You remember the light green-white of my M-24? Yeah, that one. And seafoam/ocean green of course. The one I wanna use for Oubaas, so he’ll look like an ice cream van of the 70s. Minty’s green is not acceptable, they overdid it with the green. 😦
      Besides, hubby already owns not one, but two Mint shirts. We done our duty!


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