Stop What You’re Doing!

Aloha peeps, that was weird. A very inconvenient, badly created installation routine kept me busy with Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 now almost the whole day.


Linux Mint, the Numero Uno Linux of the people!

Debian Edition, which should make Mint even more stablerer, more fasterer, more minty!

WCGW, right? And haven’t I bragged about the awesomeness that awaits you when you install the Debian Edition? Pff. Crap. But let’s start from the beginning. Oh wow, hey, that’s actually a good idea; when telling a story, to start at the beginning, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, what I did was nothing special, actually it was like I did a thousand times before: Downloaded the ISO file, made a bootable USB stick, put it in Gaga and started the computer, yadda yadda yadda … No problem, everything starts right up and I end in the live desktop. As I’m fond of the Calamares installer I decide on that instead of the standard Mint installation program. No problemo, I fill out the very few boxes with fake names and start the installation … after an eternity I notice the program is hanging at 24%. 😮 But still I think we’ve seen this quite often in other installation routines in other Linuxes, so I leave poor Gaga alone.

When you have to look at the same frozen screen for hours, you’re about to kill the great community … 😦

Hours later I check again, and it’s still on 24%. Fucker crashed on me or what? I don’t care and kill Gaga temporarily and start the whole process again. This time I decide on the not so fancy standard installer, which turns out, much to my surprise, to be as comfy and easy to use as Calamares. Yay, fuk yay! But again something goes wrong: Suddenly a little box pops up on the screen, informing me that a medium was found in the drive bay … and what my plans of action  are. 😮 Whaaaat? That medium is the USB stick. You’re running off it, stupid computer! So I tell Gaga to leave me the fuk alone and go on with the installation.

Obviously I’ve hurt her feelings now and the installation breaks up. 😦

Okeeee, next attempt! This time everything seems to go very fast and a while later, when I check on Gaga again, I see Mint’s usual Cinnamon desktop. But it’s weird, I don’t get a welcome screen and no message about the installation being finished and I must restart the PC. That’s all very weird. Knowing how perfect and easy peasy such stuff usually works in Mint, I consider this LMDE3 Beta to be deeply flawed.

And that’s why I can’t and won’t recommend the usage of LMDE3 to anybody. Not yet.

At least I have little Gaga shwoing this here bloggy. Second Life will run as well, I’m very sure of it. But I switched Gaga off for now and will attempt a reinstall tomorrow or so.

Linux Mint, you guys disappoint me! You were the last I expected such shenanigans from. Manjaro yes. Namib, of course. Pretty much every other Linux distro I expect small little problems and oversights from. But you guys are Linux Mint! The posterchild for easy to use beginner friendlyness and stability. You’ve surpassed even the fukn Ubuntu and were only recently pushed off your pedestal by the Manjaro wild bunch. And that’s a total different ballgame and much more amateurish and problematic DIY stuff than the proverbial Minty Goodness.

Did I mention how disappointed I am now?



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