I’ve Waited For This!

Finally the best Linux Mint version is (almost) available:

LMDE makes a very good Linux distro outstanding!

If I have one gripe with the bestest Linux distro for the masses, it is its Ubuntu base. So, ever since the good old Clem and his team released a Debian based version of their Volks-Linux I use mainly that one whenever I need an emergency system. I guess I mentioned it in this blog already that I can hardly wait for the release of the third Linux Mint Debian Editon (LMDE).

Now they’ve released a BETA version, which is usally no problem to use right away. If you install it now, it’ll automatically ugrade to the final release version. And with Debian’s literally rock solid stable robustness it’s not even the tiniest bit risky to install the Beta version already now.

Only problem for me, and reason not to install it right away for a review is that they’ve only released the Cinnamon version for now. I guess the Mate version will be delivered in the next couple days. I mean Cinn and Mate are both pretty boring and perfectly easy to grasp, Win7-esque, desktops, so why not use my favourite, right?

Well, since I already know how my review will end, why not stating it right away: LMDE3 gets my Orca Seal of Approval as an outstanding Linux Distro. Not only for beginners but in general. You just can’t go wrong with Linux Mint and particularly LMDE. If you’re already on the standard Mint 19 (Ubuntu) version, please consider switching to LMDE. The differences are minimal but LMDE will be even more stable and uncrashy, and even run a tiny bit faster, than it’s Ubuntu based sister.

And it comes with the bestest Linux installer, the Arch-famous Calamares. So no more problems with the usually a bit bitchy Debian installation process.

Uh Oh … shit! 😦


Can hardly wait to hear what these comprehensible arguments were specifically. :/


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