Berry was on Vacation

Go 69!

… and broke her ankles … or sumfink. But anyhoo, she back now in  bloggy action and has  many exciting newnesses, and we’re all happy hippos for it. One Strawberry Singh fan was particularly traumatized by her absence and even made this drama llama ding dong video. Go watch it and get yer hankies out. It’s really cute:

Guess I’m still banned from comenting on Berry’s bloggo, haven’t learned yet how to behave in the presence of her cultish majesty. Seems I have a special talent enraging oldbie legends of SL, since the famous Charlotte Bartlett too don’t love The Germinator no more. Doesn’t matter …



    • I ave no idea who this Blueberry person is you’re talking about, Jackie. Never heard of them before. :/ I know I have some haircolour called “blueberry”, which isn’t even half as blue as “smurf”.


  1. blueberryxx is the SL account for the person listed as owning the Blueberry store in SL Marketplace.
    Since this SL profile lists a partner in SL, I’m thinking
    “probably not an alt, very few of us who use alts actually partner them to other people with SL accounts”
    but that’s just me (I have a lot of alts, even by SL standards).
    Strawberry Singh has her own SL Marketplace store,
    I can see nothing to make me believe the two stores are connected, or that Strawberry Singh is connected to Blueberry (the store).

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    • Mhm, right. And even if she was an alt of someone, it’s not my business to know, not my concern. My curiosity and nosyness usually stops with people. Sorry to say it so bluntly but people are assholes. That’s general knowledge. I don’t deal with assholes, I suffer them. I try to stay away. Simple as that.


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