Small and Nice and Private: Serenity Onsen, Chenier

Ohayo gozaimasu, dear friends.

Today not just the run-of-the-mill onsen report (I’m running out of those anyway) but a view at a more personal, private bath/onsen. You might know Orcablog reader and regular commentator Patricia deChenier, do ya? She’s famous herself from her blog Ars longa, vita secundus and her Country of Chenier all wimmins estate.

Anyway, after Pat called me today to let me know she’s also made a small-ish onsen it didn’t take me five minutes to tell my assistant to cancel all further appointments for today and off I was … TP to that new place. Here’s what I found …

The Serenity Onsen is on a 7000 m² beach parcel, which is an annex to the Country of Chenier. It’s a simple setup which really looks nice. Not traditional Japanese but let’s call it an onsen nevertheless. It’s not a pool with jumping boards and enough place to swim, so just for soaking and relaxation. Perfect.
Yeah, the pool bathtub is rather compact sized but holds a decent amount of anims for couples and singles.
Blowing  bubbles. 😉
Inside the small beach cabin is another, much smaller tub. But no fear it’s not just for washing your footses, but you can dunk your whole avie in it. At least the anims menu supports this notion. 😉 Of course you can’t be shy or coy around here since this is a public bath and I noticed another girl was hanging out here as well.
So niiiice …
Then  there’s the inevitable lesbian shag carpet and some cushions for advanced wellbeing.
And of course a massage table. Massages are of course only semi-fun if you’re alone.
Well, I wasn’t alone at all but since the bish didn’t offer to do me I didn’t wanna be obnoxious and left her alone.
Hah! Here this small onsen outperfoms many much bigger, more traditional, original Japanese onsens in SL: A washbasin with anim to clean your whole body! Bravo! *applesauce*
With a last gaze over the very comfy beach setup, I say goodbye for today. But I will be back to the Serenity onsen when time allows.

CONCLUSION: What a nice surprise! Out of the left field comes this brand new American/European style hot bath and makes the best from only a handful prims. I really enjoyed my time at Pat’s Serenity Onsen. People, if you wanna cleanse your avie inside and out, please consider checking out this onsen. It may be not as spectacular as some others but it’s very practical and has everything one needs for a good soaking. And please don’t be a loner but bring your better half with you.

Thx for this cool onsen, Patricia. xoxoxx



  1. Wow! thanks for the really, really kind review, Orca! Domo arigato!
    You’re so welcome to visit Serenity Onsen as and when you wish.

    As I may have mentioned, Serenity Onsen is a work in progress.

    I think the washtub in the Wingsong Dojo enclosure will be replaced by its “PG” counterpart, because with one exception, the adult animations are all “Gorean pelvic thrusts” (no surprise there, Dysfunctionality specializes in rustic and Gorean-type furniture of good quality and low-primmage).

    While the Adult “Spring Onsen” is also made by Dysfunctionality, it has several menus worth of imaginative and lovely cuddle animations. It stays.

    Your mention of cleansing avis inside and out has also inspired me, although I don’t know exactly how this will happen. Stay tuned!

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  2. Suddenly since a couple days I’ve gotta ‘Approve’ of each of your comments. How come? I didn’t change anything in the settings, can’t even find a fix for that. :/


    • Aha! Got it now. Comments will be held automatically if they contain 2 or more links. It’s allegedly a sign of spam mails or so. Those guys at Automattic, always have only our best security in mind. You know, can’t have all those girlies just cluelessly destroying the internet!


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