My Onsen

Ya …making progress … slowly but unsteadily. But looks quite ok-ish already, no?


Already looks a bit different from when I made the photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s coming together nicely. But now I see another problem: Once I’m finished with my onsen the way I want it, I won’t have enough prims to build the lower levels. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ



  1. Looks quite nice, Orca! Let me know when it’s visit-worthy!

    Advice on the prims issue: Anne Hatchuk’s “Dysfunctionality” store is wonderful for rustic but very well-scripted furniture suitable for the inside of an onsen, each of which only take up one or two prims apiece. My own Serenity Onsen, which is less traditional than yours, takes as much advantage of Dysfunctionality prims as possible (I changed the inside washtub to the PG version because no one I hang with is a fan of the Adult version’s hard pelvic thrusts during sex).

    I also recommend Wingsong Dojo by Kit Ciaco for inexpensive decor which isn’t horribly prim-laden. They made the building in Serenity Onsen. Arduenn Schwartzmann’s “Black Forest” has lots of low-prim decor (I’m about to buy some of his bonsai trees for decor in my onsen), and the Anna Erotica store has Shoji Screen which is one prim and may help you divide the interior space in the rest of your onsen in few prims.

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    • WOW! Thx a bunch for the hints, Pat. Because that’s what’s missing for my pool: Anims and poses. Will check it all out. xoxox


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