InWorldz has officially closed down

Dear InWorldzers, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you had your good reasons to leave for greener pastures back when InWorldz was all the rage and SL was a cesspool of stinkypoo. But, please feel welcome back home, it’s much better these days and the new CEO Ebbe goes round and hands out brownies and milk for everyone, almost every day.
So welcome back in SL! =^.^=

Daniel Voyager

Breaking News

Saturday 28th July Update

InWorldz is now offline and has officially closed down.

This is a such sad day for the OpenSim community and all InWorldz residents.

Last night there was one final gathering where over 60+ people attended on InWorldz Desert Island saying their final goodbyes.

Goodbye InWorldz 😦

Thanks for the happy memories over the years.

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