Germans Don’t Do Heatwave Well. :(

More Beer – Less Bottles.

With the world climate in crisis and the next mini ice age coming up, many countries and continents are suffering severe heat waves and droughts right now. Even Germany, climatic the mostest boringestest country on the planet suffers heatwave after heatwave. And you know how Germans fighting the heat; from toddler to great grandma they all want the same: MORE BEER!

Sadly noone thought of the consequences. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

He’s got enough empties to get Germany out of the crisis.




  1. Unintended consequences – can the German sewer system keep up with all that used beer? Or is there the same back-up system as France and Britain have?

    (Driving through London to meet the family at Gatwick, I was stunned to see four young men alight from a bus, head for a low wall near a convenience store, line up, unzip their trousers, and pee in perfect synchrony. This was 1994, before Boris Johnson had the Ring of Steel cameras put up to catch terrorists in the act… or I’m sure the Metropolitan Police would have swooped them up with the same efficiency they confiscate handtools from those who can’t be trusted to use them on wood).

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    • Oh yes, completely innocent walls, trees and shrubs are the #1 backup system for German males on the move. But our sewer system can handle the heavy load as well. We’re an effective bunch, you know, and plumbing is our forte. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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