Enough with the Anti-Americanism!

Don’t you think it’s the UK’s turn to take some flak now? Ok, here we go:

Fearmongering = Profit!!!

If you wanna know what I really think about these news, well it’s in the caption of above snippet. I’m by no means an economist but I kinda know what will happen if the brits are  leaving us with No Deal: The British econmy is very very interwoven with mainland Europe, now suddenly and head over heels going back to the old ways of im- and export deals would debilitate their economy and ours as well. As the article mentions we’d need far bigger customs facilities for all the trucks piling up on each side of the border. I’m talking of miles and miles of road and giant parking lots. Also Heathrow airport, which is already a laughing stock since like forever, would totally drown in a swamp of chaos.


The UK is a part of us, if they want or not, if we want or not. And I guess they are still the 3rd largest economy in the EU, and we need them as much as they need us. Hubby and me are happy we’re out of that nuthouse but we still have strong European roots and, with an official postal address still in Germany, are more than just a tiny bit interested in an happy ending of the whole fuking affair.

So, after some of that rats have already left the sinking ship now there’s maybe a chance for PM May to deal with the brexit in a sober and kinda reasonable way. She knows they fuked up, now it’s her one and only chance to  make it right. For her people and the people of Europe.



  1. Conceding your points, the British didn’t vote for Brexit lightly. They had enough reasons to vote to leave the European Union that they did so. Postal addresses aren’t close to the main reason, but they’re symptomatic – Great Britain isn’t one country. It’s a United Kingdom consisting of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    But Brussels has decreed there shall be no “country” field in British postal addresses. I’d be cheesed off if, suddenly, the “state” field in US addresses were lopped off as a condition of trading with Canada and Mexico in NAFTA, North America’s sorry excuse for a customs union. Just one of many things Brussels has decreed shall be, that my British friends aren’t happy about.

    The last time I lived in Britain was 1994, so I’m no expert on conditions there now. But I do know and talk to Britons. If Europe cared as much as they say they do about getting Britain at least in their customs union, hard-assing them isn’t a good starting point. All it did was get every responsible minister in the current British government from Boris Johnson on down to resign in protest because Theresa May is about to do what you want her to do. Telling Britain to shut up and sit down isn’t an option.

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    • Yes, I know, Pat. I guess everybody knows it’s not all gold that glitters in Brussels. But I’m a girl of principles first of all. And I love the idea, the principle of a European Union. They could easily do with half of the technocrats and poliicians and stupid contracts and stupid laws that rob single member countries off their sovereignity. That’s a reason to negotiate, and if necessary enter a trade war with the fukn Americans. They are weaker than we are, have shoddy products and have nothing worthwile to offer us. We all should look at the east for future partners. Russia and China are the new megas, and they are ten times nicer than the US bully. And they’ve got the money to pay their bills. And I know for a fact that half the German heavy industry is more than ready to spring into action in China and Russia, Brasil and other “new countries.
      But however weak our EuroPoliticos are, that’s no reason to leave!
      There is a bit of truth to the old saying ‘united we shall stand, divided we will fall’.


        • Oh well, I not only think so, I take it as a fact! They’ve got the money and the needs for German technology. I’m a bit more wary of the Chinese; they might have surpassed us by now anyway and don’t need to buy anything from us anymore.


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