Now They’re Recycling Princess Leia. :o

Disney, you unsanitary fuckers!

And after recycling Leia, in Episode X we’ll get to see some previously unreleased material of Laurel & Hardy or what?

How creative, Mr. Abrams, how original … and economical. Disney gets to recycle old, material for free, so nobody has to think of clever ways to write around Leia. Well, I guess this is what happens when you give destructive forces like roundhead Ruin Johnson free reign over one of your original Episodes. Now it’s lore: Leia can fly in space without astronaut suit and survive, against all logic and reason, the explosion of her ship! That’s more than a jedi party trick and makes her one of the  mostest powerfullest jedi masters ever! And now you’re forced to work with found footage, like in a real life Blair Witch Project.

My hate for Lucasfilm and Disney has changed to pity. I can’t wait to see how they’ll fuk it up this time.


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