• I used to be a real snob once I found Arch, and left not a single good hair on *buntu. Still don’t like it but would never look down at or mock anyone using Ubu. In fact I was lucky enough to use Mint right from the start, so I was never on Ubuntu. But Mint, as everyone knows is Ubuntu based as well, just with racing stripes and sprinkled with fairy dust. And I’m always having a USB stick with Linux MInt Debian Edition handy as emergency system.
      I really think we Linuxers shouldn’t fall into the old Win vs Mac quasi religious war of the systems. All our modern Linuxes are standing on the shoulders of giants, and the devs are borrowing modules from other distros like there’s no tomorrow. Guess why so many Arch distros are using the nifty Calamares installer? Cream rises to the top. And there’s surely still some old Ubuntu inventions in modern Arches and other branches as well.
      So as long as you’re happy on Ubu, all is good.


        • I dunno what Arch started out as but I doubt it was overly terminal based. I guess Arch is one of the newer Linux families,so they know and make use of all the available desktops and window managers. The main difference to other distros is maybe that in Arch the terminal isn’t gone and forgotten yet. And yes, when you know and memorize some handy commands you’ll notice that many things can be better, faster and more elegantly done in the terminal.
          Anyhoo, I’m a fan of the Mate DE, for me it’s the perfect workplace. And I don’t notice much of a difference between my LMDE (*buntu) and my Namib GNU/Linux (Arch) when I run them with Mate. Of course my Arch runs faster and more spunky and features newer packages for all the software apps.
          Oh, I guess mainline vanilla Arch must be installed with a very crappy no-GUI installer. And that’s why most people use Manjaro, Antergos, Swag Arch, Arco Linux or even the newcomer Namib.
          My suggestion: Search for mate in this blog and you’ll find some more or less interesting articles and you’ll notice how similar they all are. Doesn’t matter if on Ubuntu or Debian, Gecko or Arch.


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