Running short on ideas about my onsen construction I decided for an escapism tactic to avoid having to think creatively, So I got the ideo to ride one of ZZ’s Café Racers down Route 13 and do  another video about it. Cool, yay! Only too bad I totally forgot how to do that. Of course I was still happy on Singularity Viewer when I made the first one. I guess the videocamera is built into that viewer. But today I couldn’t find anything in the hectic and confused Firestorm viewer. 😦

So I guess I’m gonna install some screen capture software for Linux and try it again … tomorrow or so.

So, no idea for the onsen, too stupid to shoot a simple video. What to do instead? Easy solution, make myself useful for once! Cool, eh?

So I started with finalizing touches at my basement parking deck, a.k.a. OrcaGarage. Planning to do some scheduled group rides, maybe in the LCC/Roadward Cruisers framework, maybe under the OrCafé or OrcaGarage moniker.


Ramp is a bit wider and more in the center now, so riding and driving into Thar She Blows! head office will be much easier from now on. I will give a generous 2 hour autoretun time, so you have ample time to scout the neighbourhood on your stopover. I also plan to create a very small rez spot of ~50 prims, which should be more than enough for all sorts of reasonable land vehicles.

But now it’s time again to start the day. Cyall laterz … xoxoxo


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