OrcaOnsen :/


Still not much farther with my build. And please don’t ask me what I’m doing all day, I couldn’t tell you if I knew. It’s really a mystery how time seems to disappear. Was busy the whole day, got nothing done. Same with my wannabe onsen …


Played a bit with textures and decided for warm, calming wood instead of cold and uncomfy tiles. And then I started building a kinda glassdome above the bath. We’re close by the northern Nautilus coast and I don’t want any future bathers and my pool to end up in seagull crap. Also it’s sometimes kinda breezy up here and we don’t wanna catch a  cold, or do we?

But … I hate what I did so far. 😦 The halfpipe was maybe funny for one-night use in my shortlived OrCafé IV on Bitches Autonomous Land. Hmmm, what to do now? I still want glass, I want it light and light. Maybe this time I shall sacrifice some more prims and make a glass cube? Kinda like the useless, but deadly chic, TrYC clubhouse?

Something modern like this, as an onsen???

Will have to see tomorrow about that. 8:10 a.m., time to hit the mattress for a short refresher now. And then start the day. 😉

Laterz …



  1. The half-pipe roof… could work. My builder-in-residence would applaud your big open spaces, which make camera angles effortless. Given a chance to define a space, I tend to scrunch my spaces up tighter, but that’s just me. It drives my builder friend crazy.

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    • Pat, it’s system imminent in SL that we need a bit more space than RL human beings of roughly the same size. Our movements are rather clumsy and you often see avies stuck between walls or under some flooring. And then our hovering camera, eventhough I got mine down on almost on eye level … we just need space to view our avies and their surroundings. I hate it when the cam clips into walls and shit.
      So even if my parcel is rather small, and 1120 m² is small by any means, we shouldn’t think and build small. I’ve already lowered the ceilings on all levels but I’lll use partition walls sparsely in order to keep a nice open feeling. Particularly up on the roof where the onsen will be located.

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      • I ran into the “no room for the camera” issue in my Tuscan villa, when I put a water wheel between my waterfall-fed lake and a lake below it, then stuffed a dynamo, 30 kW transformer and power distribution panel in a turret of the villa wall where the waterwheel was mounted.

        That sounded like such a good idea until I walked up and down the stairwells between floors of my villa power plant and had to make most of the journey blinded by walls around the stairs. My guests have had worse luck than that, and LL weirdness even sent some of them outside the villa completely.

        Ordinarily, I think TPing between floors of a build is designer cowardice of the worst sort.

        However, In another build (a remodeled Linden Home which is my country’s embassy to the SL Mainlands) I made a stack of teleport discs inside a vertical semi-transparent tube which looks and runs like an elevator.
        The TP disks I used move avatars rapidly between TP stations, so you get a “moving up and down the tube” effect.

        Replacing my crowded stairs in the “power plant” with something like that would probably be a better use of my time than explaining to my guests that they’re not really lost….

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        • “stuffed a dynamo, 30 kW transformer and power distribution panel in a turret of the villa wall”

          WOW, you’re such a geek.

          “a stack of teleport discs inside a vertical semi-transparent tube which looks and runs like an elevator.”

          Geek certified!

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          • I try, I try. Second Life is where wanna-be engineers who choked on differential equations in Calculus class and changed majors go to CAD the world of their dreams.

            I had all that energy of the water flowing down from the waterfalls into my villa lake, then from there into a lower lake. The water wheel started scenic, but my engineer soul said “no, no, no. Chenier needs power.” and so I had to make electrical power with it. Beats going nuclear, for which I’d have to discover thorium under the villa and make a power reactor. Pfffft – I’ll let the boys fill their sims up with thorium mines and nuclear reactors.

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