Linux is Awesome!

Yes! And not only that, the infamous Linux Terminal is kinda sexy too. Groan, we don’t wanna type stupid commands n shit … STOP! It’s not about that, kidz. Today I’ll show you how you can have gaming fun in the terminal, and the only command you’ve gotta type is to order your system to download and install those games. Look:

Tetris? In the Terminal? bastet makes it possible.
Or here, moon-buggy.
Space Invaders in Linux terminal is called ninvaders.
Sssssnake translated into Linux = nsnake!
Ye olde Pacman becomes pacman4console in Linux.

Also I learned today there are more games in the terminal but I didn’t try them all.

Of course these are poor games, probably not much fun to play and they look like shit. Otoh are they Free and fukn Open Source, and you won’t need any graphics card in order to play them.

Come on, if I haven’t convinced you to switch to Linux, if I have failed in my mission to make you see all the  cool stuff in Linux up to now … wow, that gaming in Terminal thing must’ve been the final point, right? Now everybody wants a piece of the Linux cake!



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