The Würstest Griefer Attack … Ever! :o

Some girl in Singularity User Group was in distress because she couldn’t figure out the name of the griefing object that attacked her, so old and wise crash test dummy me asked her to TP me, see what’s what and maybe help out solving the prob or at least send report to The Lab …


When I arrived at the location, Qora Coast Road or sumfink, I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so she told me it’s a bit down the road by the gallery. Hm, I didn’t even know where we were or what gallery she was talking about or what way down the road or on which side of the road. Working with professional girlscouts here, or what?



Anyhoo, we slowly made our way down the road until it hit me. 😮 First it was just lag. But laaag of the most evil kind, the lag that totally paralyzes you. FPS went down to maybe 0.00001 and nothing worked anymore.


And then a bright yellow ray hit me  and I heard some voice shouting something undecipherable, and then my screen was filled with text spam:




GRIEF*GRIEF… and so on.


It was so bad I couldn’t even chat or IM anymore … or log out in that regard. So in my panic I switched off the PSU and killed the whole thing. When I relogged it was the same and I was lucky to even get away far enough to do a screenshot, and log off.


To that girl from the Singu group, I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything  to help. I really tried to figure out where the ray emanated from and who the owner of the griefing object is. But said object didn’t even leave me enough time to click on anything meaningful. 😦

Now I’m pissed off. 😦


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