InWorldz Is Closing Down This Week

Thx for the story, Daniel.

Let’s hope this won’t happen to Second Life anytime soon. :/

Daniel Voyager

InWorldz Login Screen

OpenSIm Breaking News

Today it’s been announced that the well-known and popular InWorldz grid will be sadly closing down later this week after financial difficulties according to Beth Reischl via the InWorldz announcements page. 

This is such sad news and shocking to read about. 

InWorldz was one of the first grids I signed up on OpenSim. I have enjoyed attending events, helping out and I have been hugely interested in InWorldz since the start. I have had so many happy memories over the years and it would be heartbreaking if the grid went offline forever.

If InWorldz does shut down on Friday 27th July 2018 it would be the biggest lost on OpenSim so far. I think that OpenSim will be much weaker and interest may start to fall. I really hope the InWorldz community can come together and help save InWorldz from closing down later this…

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  1. I curate a Flickr group about Inworldz and got the horrible news. Last I’ve seen (last night) they were $1000 short of their crowdfunding goal ($16,000 raised of a total goal of $17,000). It’s really sad, because Inworldz was Second Life without the corps of lawyers screwing things up (and, of course, the massive capitalization).

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