Try and Fail Again :(

I’ve found out why I’m secretly so hesitant and unwilling to log into Second Life that often anymore: It’s that pesky Firestorm Viewer. Not even in its wannabe V1 version “Phoenix” it gives me the ease of mind and use and the absence of hodgepodge shit I loved so much in my Singularity viewer.

So, after a while without it, today I tried yet again to get into world with Singu …

Best thing about Arch Linux is the AUR. This repo is sooo huge, soooo enhanced, you can even find Firestorm and Singularity SL viewers in it. So installing Singu is a breeze …
… it even shows up in the menu. But it won’t start. 😦

See, this is a fairly easy thing, as installing and connecting a SL viewer is supposed to be. Due to the power of the AUR even easier, as the example of Firestorm shows me every day. I still don’t have a clue as to why Singu is such a fiere little bish. And, oh, before you come up with clever ways to help me sort this out, I’ve already tried all the mom n dad party tricks. Rebooted the computer, tried it on one of my test machines, downloaded the installation file from Singu’s website … always the same result. Singu is a no show on Arch Linux. And the weirdest thing is that it used to work. All was fine with Singularity on my Arch installs Manjaro and Namib.

Until it wasn’t anymore. 😮

No problems in Mint or any other Ubuntu or Debian installation tho. Just Arch. And only Singularity. And it’s not my main machine neither. As soon as I run any other Linux on here, everything goes back to normal.

3 easy steps to get inworld with Singularity viewer: 1) Install any non-Arch Linux distro. In this example I use my trusted Mint …
2) Download Singu from its website
3) My sister Phree sends greetings from Orca’s inworld construction site. 😉

But now let’s see how it goes on a different Arch installation. For that I install the nice little Swag Arch on Gaga. Swag comes with the Xfce desktop environment, which is nice and fast but appears to be always a couple sandwiches short of a picknick, if you know what I mean. So it should be an easy thing to get Singu running on Gaga now …

Fresh installed Swag Arch. I’m still hopefull …
But here I already fail to start Singu from the website download. 😦
So next try, this time a real install from the AUR again …
But No! Same result as on my good Namib system. 😦

Heyyy, any Arch Linux experts out there who maybe know what’s up with that and how to remedy the situation? I must get away from Firestorm, shit makes me nervous. 😮


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