More Mini Computers for You!

Aloha, my fellow squirrels, Linux n00bs and knights in rusty armour too.

Since Intel brought out the new Celeron processor generation Gemini Lake, the same old game repeats. All the computer manufacturers throw the all new models onto an already oversaturated market, with litte to no changes other than the improved processors.

Aaaaaw shit. 😦

No! Absolutely not! Because such a market situation is perfect for us. 🙂 And by us I mean Orcablog readers, curious about Linux, looking for a dedicated machine on the cheap. And here’s yet another candidate perfectly filling the gap, perfecty fitted for our needs. Absolutely not our wants … but our needs. And that is cool.

So today let me show you the Alfawise T1:

200 woolongs at Gearbest is a handsome dealio.

The Intel Gemini Lake is a decidedly economy processor and you won’t break any speed records equipped like that. The whole machine isn’t a gamer neither. But it’s very cheap and makes a delightful Linux tester/office warrior. And it’s cute and tiny, like a purring kitten. =^.^=

Of course the same negatives apply here as for all Celerons of all generations. You pay for the cheapness. You pay with less computational Oomph and reduced usability. But for our squirrely purposes it’ll do the trick nicely.


So, yes, I’m as confused as you are now. There are now almost identical plastic boxes out on the market, by Intel, Chuwi, Beelink, Alfawise and possibly some others too … and possibly all being made by the same OEM. If you say now they are located in Shenzhen you’d probably be right. So don’t be confused, just check for the best dealio and maybe your personal taste. Internally you’ll get the same, whatever you buy.
Where all your adorable, yet cheap af, computers come from

Here’s a more in depth review:

And hey, you don’t need to be as radically stupid as Orca, peel of the licence sticker and throw it away, but you should keep it so you can reinstall your fukn Win10 if you so wish. But I bet once you’re standing with both feet stable in Linux you don’t ever wanna go back to the not so benevolent momma Microsoft.

And here’s a review of the identical Beelink S2:


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