Sorry, Anti-Bollocktics Again

This just to back up and confirm my posting of two days ago.

But first my usual disclaimer: To say Trump and Orca don’t look eye to eye is an understatement, in fact it would be a lie to say so. This neanderthal and me couldn’t be more removed if we tried. We are living on diametrically opposed ends of the political spectrum and have mutually exclusive perspectives on polit-philosophies. That just to make it clear that I’m not really a fan of the Donald. In fact it angers and worries me to find myself in a situation where I have to defend that gorilla from his own people. Because, let’s not forget that he is your fukn president, your commander and chief … your fukn problem one would think.

Unfortunately he’s the big kahuna of a nation that thinks they are important for the world and trying to keep world peace by causing war after war. Anyhoo, I digress. Let’s look at what I’ve found today:

These old farts are about to tell you the truth!

If you don’t wanna read so much, and who really wants to read?, there are two videos linked in that article. I make it easy for y’all:

And here is Prof Cohen on Tucker Carlson’s show:

So … now … oh yes, I know you can’t give any less fux about stupid Orca’s obviously wrong opinion, but hear me out please. You’ve heard what Mearsheimer and Cohen have said, don’t you think these two very clever guys (and true Americans) are at least a little correct? FFS, I’m just of the same opinion, supporting their expertise, so it’s not homegrown Orca bullshit but true experts laying down the facts for you!

So please, don’t get all blinded by your hate for Trump! I can understand you. Oh my, I can so understand you and join your fight if necessary. But in this case, in trying to reach better relations with Russia, the orange man deserves your support! You know what happens if the hardcore russophobes in Washington have their way, dontcha? No fear, most of them have reserved places in the bunker, they and their families will somehow survive the nuclear winter. But will you?

Peepel, there’s a lot at stake here. Please don’t fuk it up!

PS: Am I the only one feeling that Tucker Carlson is too good for Fox News? I guess when they finally fire him he’ll find a warm welcome at RT … and be classified a foreign agent. :/



  1. There’s no making people happy. If we’d elected Hillary, we’d be back in the “long twilight struggle” that Kennedy invented to reassure the Right he wasn’t going to sell out the store, and into a shooting war or two – Vietnam back then, and I’m guessing we’d be parked in the eastern Ukraine by now if Hillary had anything to say about it. Obama had gotten us as far as Poland and Romania.

    We got Trump, who seems intent on winding down the semi-wars we’re in (bad for biz, and he’s all about the benjamins). Not a huge Donald fan, either, but I lost a son in Iraq and I understand why other folks would like to be outlived by their kids.

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    • I’m so very sorry to hear about your loss. Up to recently I was always like YAY! when I heard the USA had to suffer great loses, hearing from personally involved people puts a new perspective on it. Ok, now one could argue why did you let him join the army? It’s not clever and not even patriotic … but then again, I guess your son was old enough to make the decision by himself.

      And yes, Trump’s a biz man, he desn’t know much but he’s got the art of negotiating always the best deal down to perfection. Thats why he’s open to negotiatons with Russia. And he’d be stupid not to. As we all know Russia’s got a mighty big dick too. And Putin’s like 12 times more cleverer than Trump. As long as these guys talk I can go down to the beach instead of going down in the bunker. And that’s good, no?

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      • It’s like this. We have a part-time army called “the National Guard” which usually just rescues people during floods and after 9/11 guarded anything we though al-Qaeda would like to blow up, our airports, chemical plants, etc. He wanted to join, I didn’t think there was much chance he’d get sent overseas to fight. And he was eight inches taller than me, so short of hitting him with my car, I couldn’t stop him enlisting. Well, he rescued people from floods, and guarded airports, and all that… and the Iraq War happened – and they ran out of regular Army troops, and sent my son’s National Guard unit over there. A month later, the locals blew up his armored personnel carrier with a roadside bomb.

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        • Sorry to say it so flippantly but “Boys will be boys”, just their toys will become bigger. Regarding “the locals”, I don’t think it was just any locals but probably some of Hussain’s guards or remnants of the proud Iraqi army. However, all they did was fighting off an invading army, defending their home against the brutes from the west. Also wars don’t just “happen”, they are always started by one side (aggressors). And the whole Iraqi affair was painstakingly planned with all the lies and fake proofs of WMDs and shit … and very shoddily executed.
          Iraq was a real plonker.
          Still is. 😦


  2. Oh, forgot the little trifle of entirely gratuitous involvement in Syria, where we improved very little (arguably, giving the Kurds air support was nice) and probably helped make ISIS, and all their fun and games in Iraq. All of which was pre-Trump.

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    • I see it more radikal than you, Pat.
      For some reason or the other the White House don’t like Assad’s Syria, so they, as so often, took drastic measures and invented ISIS. And same as their other invention, the Taliban, it came back and bit them in the ass.

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      • Ordinarily, I’d argue with you, but since Obama replaced Hillary Clinton with the lowest traitor in the US Senate, John Kerry, your theory actually makes sense. 5,000 Americans and many more Iraqis died in my son’s war, the war ended, Obama and Kerry screwed around in Syria and suddenly there’s a war in Iraq again. Whether they meant to create ISIS or were simply utterly incompetent and did it by accident, they made ISIS. Obama and Kerry are going straight to Hell when they die.

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