Orca the YouTube Star

No shit.

HappyVidYour editrix made a video. Well, of course, like many of us she sometimes uses her digital camera to shoot the one or other video. But I’m talking about a Second Life video, with inworld action. No, not really action. The vid just shows me dancing in the yard of an earlier version of the OrcaGarage. Was long ago, I guess 2010-ish or thereabouts. And I totally forgot that I ever made it. Was probably just to find out how one can make videos from SL.

And today I found it. Recovered it from my personal filedump. And I guess it’s so cheesy, you deserve to see it. So here, I uploaded it to YT:

Now that was fun, was it not? No, okayyy. I promise I won’t do it again. 😉



    • YU miss flexi hair, Luv? Just wear it and be awesome again.
      Errm, not that you aren’t awesome now, but I fail to see why everything has to be mesh these days. Mesh is cool stuff but really impractical for soft and flowy, girly things: Hairs, long skirts, kneelong skirts, mini skirts, evening gowns, ball gowns, party frocks, togas, silks, fairy wings, medieval RP gowns, fantasy gowns, nighties, sails …


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