That Trick: Finally Revealed!

One of the biggest hindrances for people and other housewives on their way to install a Linux distro for the first time on a Windows machine, is the question how to create a bootable USB stick or a DVD  with the ISO file on it, and get your old machine to actually boot from that new medium.

BootYou might have noticed Orca didn’t ever show you how it’s done. For the simple reason she doesn’t know either. She once figured it out and since then makes use of the much simpler operation of doing it from an already installed Linux environment.

But now the very clever Tom of the Switched to Linux YT channel made a nice comprehensive How To. Watch this:

Okeeee, now this should’ve been the last hurdle pushed out of the way! Now there’s really not a single reason anymore not to install a nice modern Linux on your dedicated hardware.

You can thank me later. 😉


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