Deleting Images! :o

Hey there folks,

I, respectively this bloggy, have run into some problems. The storage for images was running out. Pretty rapidly. And I failed to notice until just recently. So I started linking more photos instead of uploading them into the blog. But it was too little too late. 😦 Yesterday the archive reached 100% capacity and I couldn’t upload any pics anymore. :.(

See the upper right hand corner? 100% of 13 GB. The boat is full!

So logical solution: Upgrade the capacity. Yeah … nope! WordPress won’t let me extend the space, only the Plan, which is a bad solution. See, I’m already on Premium Plan, which gives me all the luxuries I need, and then some. To get unlimited storage I’d need to upgrade to the Business Plan which is, like, total overkill … and would cost me 300 Woolong/year!!! For something I get practically for free from Google. But then, no, I don’t want that. Being politically correct has its price and I accept that fact. Besides, the WordPress platform is so much besterer than Google’s Blogspot shitshow. Believe me I kinda know what I’m talking about, having blogged there for 4 years or so prior to switching over to WordPress.

So what do I do now? Of course keep uploads to a minimum and just link all the Images and just upload 1 photo/post so it shows up on the title site. Good idea? No, not really. You have any idea how nerve wrecking it is to browse thru the whole archive trying to find  images that can be sacrificed? And do that shit for each and every photo I wanna upload? Forgetaboutit!

A photo from 2015? Nope, not anymore.

So, just 10 minutes ago I went for the radical solution and killed the whole first year of this blog. All the photos of 2015. I guess nobody wants to read back so far anyway and this step gives me some serious wiggle room for uploading more images.

2015 is gone p00f! 21.1% gives me enough space to survive a while longer.

Because I don’t wanna compromise. Thar She Blows! was always heavy on the imagery and I don’t see a reason to change that. Already compromised by setting my RL camera on 1080×1920 solution and using native screen resolution for SL screenshots. I guess we can live with that. But I’m not going to compromise any further. No Sir!

Anyhoo, for now and the forseeable future I’ve got enough storage space to bury you in photos again!


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