Bollocktics Gone Too Fukn Far!!!

Ok, let me start with a clarification, just to make things clear, as if you wouldn’t know already: Your trusty old editrix ain’t a fan of Trump! In fact I find this troglodyte as repulsive and disgusting as possible. This poor excuse for a human being represents everything I hate. Just so we are clear on that, ok?

And now look at the political landscape in the press of the last couple days.

My search engine has a new hobby. 😮

OMfG what happen in the world?

Do I really need to defend Trump’s actions against the world’s media machine? Against the whole of humanity? That fukn dipstick? And I’m forced to talk some sense into y’all? I’m forced to cut him down from the gallows you’ve already erected for him?

Listen fukwads, as I said I hate that unspeakably bad and repulsive pig just as strongly as you. But you are blind now, you must be blind, you must’ve fallen into a collective mass psychosis, if you think you can get at him by criticising his meeting with Putin. What Trump did there was the first good thing he ever did since he climbed on the American throne! And you all go apeshit mad about it?

“Gimme some skin, bro.”

When the leader of the country with the by far biggest nuclear dick talks to the leader of the country with the second biggest dick it’s no shame! It’s not high treason! It’s just a completely natural thing to do, ffs!!!

What did he really do that was so outrageous? Trump said “Listen Vladimir, we’re both armed to the teeth and we can end this fukn planet inside the next 5 minutes if we really wanted! So let’s have a chat and find ways to prevent that.”

“Calm down, Donald. Hush.”

That’s all! Not just basically. That really was it. No resolutions, no contracts, no treaties, nothing tangible has been achieved. Just two really powerful guys talking like grown-ups. Must’ve been a first for the Donald. The more reason to be happy. You know they don’t let him roam outside of the White House too often, and that’s mostly a good thing I assume. But this, this one meeting with Putin, that was cool. And necessary.

We all should be happy about that. Yes, you too. And you there, yes, you so-called Democrat, you too. Come on, admit it, chances are that Hillary would’ve ended the world by now if she had won the elections. She’s much more hardliner than Trump. Even the beloved Bernie Sanders; he’s just a bitter old man who never showed much of interest in international affairs, was like totally outraged about the Trump/Putin meeting. WTF is wrong with all these guys? Party blenders on and autopilot set on full attack! Or what?

Putin didn’t drop a bomb but the ball into the American court. Nice.

It’s one thing to attack Trump. You’ve got more than enough reasons to fight him. The corruption, the ending of net neutrality (!), the fukn Dakota pipeline, all the nepotism, all good and fair points. I’d like to see him gone too. But when he acts as Your President, as the American President, in the interest of world peace … then you shouldn’t throw sticks between his legs. The guy is still learning, total beginners level, so give him a fukn chance!

And, yes, I know you’re waiting now for me to fangurl about Putin and bitch about how unfairly the west, the NATO, the western media treats Russia, China, Iran and other countries. But I won’t do you that favour. Not today. I’ve tried to write about the Trump/Putin meeting in Helsinki and the negative public over-reaction as a stand-alone incident. As a warning to stay away from our heavily biased toddler media. They are so loud right now for a reason. Because they have lost the war of the words, they’ve lost the power of interpretation. We know better than them what to believe and how to think. And that turns them into little bitches and snakes. Nice try, asswipes.

The press loses it!


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