Another Sexy Mini *EDIT*

Looks great in its metal/plastic box. Is silent. And it runs Linux!


Perfect? Really?

Good old Lon is the best when it comes to review all those micromini PCs, and he tells it like it is (what some idiots initially thought about a certain Donald Trump too). Fact is the Intel Gemini Lake line of pretty weak processors is seriously putting the brakes on all those machines. So they make pretty ok-ish office warriors and home theater PCs, less good gaming and 4K machines.

Well, it is what it is and it’s all kinda good. Let’s see where to get the Chuwi GBox Mini and what it costs:

Buy it at Gearbest

240 American woolong is a cool pricetag. Plus 3.26 shipped to Orca. Pobably less shipped to you. For that you get a functional Win 10 computer that runs Linux without a problem. Niiiice…

And again, the reason for why I am always showing you those cheapo computing boxes is simples: I have your best interest at heart. I want you on Linux but I don’t want you to risk your good main machine with dual booting and super geeky virtual machine experiments. And the prices for all those sexy little fluffies are pretty much affordable, no? Even better when they come in charming boxes like this latest Chuwi.

PS: If you watch Lon’s video you’ll find in the video description a little shop where Lon sells some of the reviewed machines for heavily reduced prices. Maybe you find a good deal there and help support Lon’s channel at the same time. Win/Win. 🙂

Found another, even more detailed, video:



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