Oniyake Onsen

Oniyake Onsen is located at a Linden road on the Heterocea Atoll.

Ohayo gozaimasu,

mmm, has Orcsi found a lekker hot tub for you to soak in. Oniyake Onsen is, like, super new on the grid, the parcel has just been aquired in June of this year. Also it’s original Japanese owned by 猫崎 奏音 (LalaMoomoo Resident), so let’s assume she knows what’s acceptable and what’s not. I guess then it’s okay not to have any pool rules displayed, neither to give the patrons any towels or super hygienic showers. That’s cool with me, as long as the pool itself won’t let us down. But look for yourself:

With a – much to steep – ramp you get up to the building level, where you can rez a freebie scooter and a car.
The undressing rooms are clearly marked for boyz and squirrels, but ACHTUNG BABY! …
… what looks nice and opaque on the female side …
… is actually see-through from the boy’s room! 😮 Typical Japanese pervs. :/
We start, as usual in Japanese baths, with a hot shower. Or better said, with a HOOPS! … an accidental slip! 😮
After that little moment of shock we can enjoy the experience fully …
… and relax, like, totally. Awesomesauce!
I wash my feets since I’m a nice, respectful bather.
Then we carefully slide into the rather traditional outdoors pool and marvel at the …
WHAT? Neon advertsing for a whorehouse??? Cool. 😉
Okee, neon still seems to be a thing here.
The number of available sit targets and poses/anims is rather small but well integrated into the bath. Soaking at the Oniyake Onsen is fun.
Beanbags aren’t original onsen furniture but awesome.
After the, already soothing, bathing experience I meditate to some Japanese Anime show. 😉
No matter if those futons are a professional’s workspace, I’m super tired after the hot bath experience and need some minutes of shuteye. 😉

CONCLUSION: Some little nitpicks aside I immediately rank this very new onsen quite high on my personal Gokuraku chart. See, it’s not always the number of anims and gimmicks we can find in an onsen, but the overall atmosphere, the right mood of a bath house. Afterall these onsen are supposed to relax and calm us. And LalaMooMoo did that just right in her Oniyake Onsen. 😉


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