The Next Attempt …

… to establish Linux as a gaming OS will be coming in the form and shape of a new Atari device. Hey, I’ve got no clue about gaming but if the Steam machine went extinct before it even started, why should I place much hope in this Atari thing?

Ok, they have some money already …

This also doesn’t sound too hopeful …

it’ll be a while before you see an actual working prototype.

What I like about the concept is that you can use tthis nice gaming console also as your regular daily rider Linux PC:

“Our core architecture consists of the Atari Secure Hypervisor and a heavily modified linux kernel called the AtariOS. All of this is in flash memory and before the AtariOS loads, any external storage device is checked, and if a bootable device is found, the OtherOS on that device is loaded instead.

Nice, nice. Unfortunately there is no mention of the technical specs of the actual console, other than it’ll have 8 GB RAM. Oh there, found something …

It’s a decent increase in memory that should help the system cope better with more intensive indie games (don’t expect AAA titles to play nicely on the machine with the middling AMD Bristol Ridge APU).

Anyhoo, peoples, as much as I hate to admit it, if your peference in computing lies on gaming, than maybe Linux (at least on such weak hardware) isn’t for you and you should stick to your Windows stuff.


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