Orca’s Not So Bad

… she just smells funny. :/

No shit, back to the earnest, sober side of this blog, back to our tools and toys, which are in the case of blogging and blog consumption, SL playing and whatever we do … komputahz! And if you’re kinda clever and have readered this one bloggy here, and have even learnered some things you’re like me on some sort of Linux distro right now. So yes, our topic shall be Linux. Surprise! LOL.

Boiz and squirrels, it’s fukn 7:30 in the A.M. right now and I was just about to check myself on the sofa for a little morning shuteyes, when I stumbled about a video by one of my regularly watched Linux channels, DistroTube. And in this specific vid the DT guy tellered us what his fave distros and what his fave Desktop Environments/Window Managers are. That’s a topic I always find strangely fascinating. What are our YouTube heros actually on themfuknselves?

Ok, turned out, in the less important topic of GUI that guy was totally off the beaten path and went off the rails. Look:

Ugh gaawd, shuddup!

Oh whoa! Datz some fringey geeky shit right there. For us, disabled, ungeeky, elderly, mentally unstable housewifes and kidz this isn’t even something we talk about. Not even in dark alleys at nighttime. Kinda unsanitary shit for total geeks and self-made guys. And in this case when I say guys I really mean the male portion of you guys.

No beautiful and enchanting, richly charismatic, and outstandingly intelligent girl would ever use that shit. We use desktops for human beings, desktops to get schtuffz done. Cinnamon, KDE, Xfce, Mate and so on. And we’re happy with that shit, coz it’s easy to grasp and just werkz.

But where I must agree with Mr. DistroTube is his choice of bestest base distros. Look and know why I really liked his choice:

Now who’s a  good boy?

\o/ YAY! \o/ Fuk yeah, Debian and Arch! Of course the gigantic Debian infrastructure is unbeatable when it comes to finding exactly your perfect distro that is just made for you. From Ubuntu and its offsprings, and MX, and Mint LMDE, over more obscure distros no other base has such a rich plethora of available alternatives. Special n00b distros and super geeky, highly scientific shit, there’s nothing you won’t find in the Debian world. Only Debian distro I wouldn’t recommend is Debian itself, a distro so freakishly geeky not even Linus Torvalds himself had ever managed to get it installed on his own hardware. So stick to the offshoots, to the forks and you’ll be okay.

His second choice, not particularly for n00bs, but pretty much manageable is Orca’s favourite and home distro since many years, ArchLinux. Great choices, DT guy. Well done, you!

And see what is missing in his video? Yes, mhm, all the commercial distros are left out. No Red Hat, no SUSE. Also no freakshows like Gentoo and similar stuffs. I’d always thought he might be into that shit … but obviously he’s too much of a mensch for it. 🙂

Anyhoo, it feels pretty good to get recognized for ones choices by the so much more cleverer YouTube experts. Whooohoo! 🙂

PS: Shit, it’s 8:05 now and I’ve told the mechanic to bring Oubaas around to his garage at 9 … and I’ve gotta pay the telephone bill before that. Seems I’ve gotta scoot now and can forget my morning slumber. :/

But our Oubaas will surely keep me on my toes and wide awake for some more hours. 😉

Uiuiuii… 8:31 already! Aaaaand swooosh …


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