Orca’s Opinion on Tech Stuff

¡Hola chicas y chicos!

How’s everybody doing this sunny winter morning? Dunno about you but at my location it’s fukn winter and I’m wearing two fleece jackets and fleece socks right now.

Following will be my private opinion about computer schtuffz. I don’t claim to own the truth about anything, and am as always more opinion than clue. But I have like over 25 years experience with computers of all sorts. So maybe some of what I’m saying will hold some ounces of truth. Anyhoo, I’m always open for facts of the contrary.

MicroLogoMicrosoft: Terrible company, will do anything for profit. They will lie directly in your face, as long as you buy their products. As a hardware “producer” they suck as well. Bad quality. And they are openly hostile towards anything free and open source. Stay AWAY!

WinLogoWindows: Annoyingly complicated operating system. Clunky, heavy on resources, no regard for the user and real world use cases. The update policy sucks. Still pretty inevitable for when you’re a gamer! :/

AppleLogoApple: They built a walled garden around their customers and reduce them to the status of ignorant little children. It’s almost like a cult. And their products are grossly overpriced and lately went from very nifty engineered jewels to bad quality items. It’s an ongoing problem as the hardware seems to deteriorate. Thanks to them and Microsoft we can’t have nice things. Sorry but no deal!

MacOSlogoMacOS: Intuitive, easy to use, professional, getting stuff done. Blends perfectly with Apple’s hardware. Based on OpenBSD (Unix) so a removed family member of Linux, but made Close Source.  Kinda industry standard in some fields. Lately Mac suffers from bad hardware support and engineering. Life’s too short to waste time with that stuff!

LinuxLogoLinux: Inconsistent quality between all the available distributions, differs from very very good to pretty fukn bad. Like really bad! Generally hardware agnostic, runs on older hardware, customizable by/for the individual user. Free to use and modify. No support from software companies for professional software solutions, not much support from gaming companies either. Unbeatable for everyday use for kids, housewifes and the elderly.

LenovoLogoLenovo: Only one good thing to say about this mad moneygrabbing machine: They hold the rights to IBM’s legendary professional hardware products. So their ThinkPad and ThinkCentre branded computers are among the world’s bestest computers … if you don’t necessarily wanna game that is. Very Linux friendly. Best buy used, never new!

DellLogoDell: They specifically made a Linux line of Dell products. Those are more or less the same products as their windows machines but come with pre-installed Ubuntu. I find stuff like that unnecessary but if you’re not sure about how stuff works and just want it to function it’s one of the better hardware manufacturers out there. So there you go.

MiniMeSelf bult (assembled) computers: Or, as we also call it: LEGO for adults is indeed not much more complicated than sticking some LEGO bricks together. You won’t necessarily save big amounts of money but you have total freedom in the creation of your system. And, most importantly, nobody forces you to get the Windows with it, so you avoid pesky stickers with serial numbers and shit on them … and you save around 100 Woolongs. Yes, I said Self-assembled since that’s all you actually do. Assemble and stick together some ready-made components. And I can really recommend going that route; it’s fun, it’s pseudo creative and you learn a lot about your computer during the process.

azulleSmall Form Factor (SFF): Is amazing. Simply aaaawedorable! Wanna know more? https://smallformfactor.net/  + https://liliputing.com/ and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_hxpkQMkx2qKSArbXOHrw

UsedPCUsed PCs: Yeah, why not. Everything younger than 10 years is powerful enough and you can score that shit really cheap. If at all possible one should prefer well-made self-assembled gaming PCs or good brands: Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer spring to mind. Wanna be a real person, like an adult n shit? That’s how it’s done!

Ok, that was my wisdom dispensing blogpost of the day. You’re free now to bugger off.

Laterz xoxoxo




    • That’s a nice motto, Cybele, but how does it work? You unplug your WinApple shitmachine for a while and when you plug it in again and switch it on … et voila, a wonderpretty 8-core 32 GB RAM Archlinux powerhouse is ready, just waiting for you?
      I usually never switch my main machine off; maybe I should try that trick as well. :/

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      • we are all so reliant on technology now- I’m sure it’s one of the few real conspiracies lol. Every year and more often you are encouraged to upgrade $$$$$ Still, I lose the time in it’s wonders. Fortunately I live next to forest park and can get my Om on for a while- oh that’s Om not ohm! 😀

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        • Oh, as an avid yogini I’m omming, like, almost every day, Cybele. But that won’t help me getting my dream setup. And I’ve gotta disagree with your statement about “we’re all so reliant on technology”.

          I’m only as reliant on tech as I chose to. I wanted to have all those computers because I love them. Totally atypical for the modern woman I don’t view them as mere household appliances, but as the wonderful nifty, sexy, useful tools they are. And I don’t let them control me, since I’m on Linux I control them!

          Also I refuse to own a smartphone … or a tablet. Don’t need that shit, don’t want it. All I got is an outdated cheapo prepaid cellphone, that is suposed for emergency calls. But I never have it with me anyways, since I always forget about it. I guess I don’t have any airtime on that thing anyway.

          And if I spend $$ or $$$$ or even $$$$$$ on hardware upgrades is still my decision. And mine alone. Ever since we got rid of the fukn TV we noticed we spend less and less money on “must-have” shit.

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            • Mostest easiest decision ever to get rid of that thing. When we gave it away to our maid we haven’t had watched a single minute of TV since years already. Ok, we’re in South Africa and only watched official public channels anyway. So we had the super choice between 3 super amazing channels full of boring afrikaanse soapies andthe cheapest shit imaginable. Was no fun watching tele here. And since we’re not stupid but clever pirates we always get to watch everything that’s hip and cool anyway. And anyway, when we got rid of the TV I spent most my time in SL and had no time to watch TV in the first place.
              And hubby was never a big TV watcher anyway, he loves to read.

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          • I often purposefully forget mine just so I’m in the moment and not in a text lol, but if you have kids it’s helpful. As for SL I still enjoy a movie on the telly at times – even SL can be bit much. I love a good book and though I often read on a tablet I miss turning pages!

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