Even Older ZZ Racer

After her fancy Old Racer, today I found an Even Older GTFO Racer by ZZ in my incoming messages. Have a looksee if you don’t mind:

I’m still on the western end rez area of Route 12, when I log in, so best conditions to rez my new old racer right away. I’m not an expert but yes, this car looks like 1920s while the one of the last story was 40s to 50s-ish.
Route 12 might not be the most interesting Linden road on the grid but it usually is a driver’s and biker’s paradise with its soft swings and moderate ups and downs.
Unfortunately I have problems with sim crossings again. No idea if it’s ZZ’s engine, my very long latency connection, the asset server or – most likely – drastic mismanagement by LL. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to store the grid in the cloud?
But in the end I arrive save and sound at the Orca Headquarters …
… where I park the new even older racer side by side with the other land vehicles ZZ has sent out lately. Of course my fancy Volkswagen camper must not be missed. If the construction of my building continues in such a slow manner it’ll be my home for the forseeable future. :/

Im still wondering how I’m supposed to transport heavy freight on my bikes and racing cars. Hmm, maybe some of my readers are kind enough to explain that GTFO game for me?


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