Namib GNU/Linux on the Toob!

While your editrix looks ahead to her happy half-year anniversary with this humble – yet clever – Arch Linux distribution, YouTuber DistroTube made a review of the latest snapshot 1806.

And while DT still tries to figure out what Namib GNU/Linux brings to the party and what makes it outstanding, we’re just enjoying the very very easy installation process (Calamari installer) and the smooth operation. Let’s not make a mistake, Namib is very close to vanilla Arch but its available desktops (Gnome, KDE, Mate, Xfce) are superbly integrated, comewith some good ideas … and there’s no problems with upstream. Can’t say the same about the much more famouserer Manjaro. At least on Mate I always had problems, as it came apart at the seams after two or three updates already. No such annoyances in Namib. It’s just rolling along happily.

So I guess, to answer DT’s question: Namib is oustanding in so far that it took out the elitist sensitivities and divaesque fukuppery of vanilla Arch, Manjaro and Antergos. It’s a bit like our fave Linx Mint: The Shit just works! 🙂

namib DT review

Hard to believe that Namib is a one-man operation. Only once, when there were no updates coming thru for, like, two full weeks, I had to contact the distro’s head (and only) mastermind frederic2ec and asked him what’s up with that? Turned out he was busy preparing for his school exams. Understandable, no? Of course it would be nice if Fred could assemble a bunch of helpers around him, so Namib can grow naturally and turn from a one-person conga line into something bigger. But Namib is still a young fledgeling in the Linux world, so the future will tell.

NamibDTOf course going this route, as a mere user, is a tiny bit risky. But well, if development of Namib should stop all of a sudden there’ll always be the trusted staple horse Mint waiting for your patronage. So, my dear friends, if you feel already a bit bored with your Mint I can really recommend Namib for you.


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